By Dan Cook | 13 Jun 2023

Digital Flight Operations Manuals & document manager

The advancement of electronic flight bag apps mean that flight operations can digitally manage their aircraft operating manuals and any flight documentation.

Ensuring that pilots always have the most up-to-date flight manuals to hand via a document library on a commercial EFB.

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What is a flight operations manual?

An aircraft operating manual is a collection of documentation that is critical for successful operations; containing procedures and instructions for the flight crew to operate aircraft safely.

Flight operations manual are traditionally bulky, printed documents containing all of the critical information for operating an aircraft under normal, abnormal or emergency conditions.

Commercial airlines and flight operation teams must ensure that their crew always have the correct and latest aircraft operations manuals; as these are the primary source of information for operating aircraft.

Transition to digital manuals & document management

The skybook document library enables flight operations to efficiently manage and distribute aircraft operations manuals and documents, from a central point, to the specific EFB devices for a given aircraft or entire fleet of airplanes.

Implementing a flight operations document manager minimizes time-consuming tasks and eliminates wasteful printing costs of having to regularly update flight manuals and documents to reflect regulatory changes.

By digitally transferring your flight operations documents onto the skybook EFB system, this ensures all manuals are kept up-to-date, making it easy to audit and manage version control. And pilots can quickly access the relevant documents to their current flight.

Switching to a digital flight operations document manager, also helps airlines move closer to reaching net zero emission targets.flight operations documents for aircraft and fleet

Easily update flight operations documents

Having your own flight operations document library means that you can easily upload and store all files in an organised folder structure that is tailored towards your separate aircraft or fleet, and follows regulatory compliance.

When the documents or flight manuals need updating, these can easily be reuploaded into the relevant aircraft folder. The files automatically downloads onto the flight crews EFB device for the selected aircraft when the pilot selects the flight briefing pack. Only the files within the specific aircraft folder will sync to the EFB, keeping files downloaded to a minimum.

With the documents open, the flight crew can highlight information in the document reader on the EFB and share any recommended amendments with other operators to check and update if required. Pilots can also bookmark important pages for quick access at any time during the flight phases.

It is recommended that flight operation teams regularly check and make any required amendments which they can submit to the International Aviation Authorities to review.

digital flight operations manuals on electronic flight bag

What documents and manuals could be included?

The main file format required to view on an EFB document library is either PDF or XML files. A range of flight operation documents that can be managed digitally include and but limited to:

Policies, operating procedures, routes, charts, MEL, flight operation manuals, maintenance manuals, crew information, flight summary, training documents, historical flight data

How Are Operations Manuals Distributed?

All aircrew need to be able to easily access the correct flight operations manuals for their designated aircraft and sector; as well as documents relevant to their role.

Document Library makes it easy to distribute flight operations documents onto the pilots EFB app.

Each flight sector on the app, is linked to the specific aircraft folder that is set up in the ground portal of skybook.

For example…

An EFB manager uploads updated training documents to the B737 300 folder on the ground portal. The next pilot to fly the B737 300 chooses their sector on the skybook EFB and downloads the briefing pack.

As the sector is linked to the B737 300, the latest document is automatically added to the briefing pack and is viewable in the document library of the EFB.

flight sector briefing selection on efb

Benefits of a flight operations document manager

      • Flight crew access up-to-date manuals relevant to their sector
      • Central point of documentation
      • Quick and easy to update for the whole flight crew
      • Save on printing costs and time
      • Improved auditing and compliance process

Improve management of your flight operations manuals and documents, by choosing the digital document library on the skybook EFB.

Learn more about what skybook can do for your flight operations.


By Dan Cook | 13 Jun 2023

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