By Dan Cook | 08 Feb 2024

Aviation data management for flight operations

How do airlines centralize all of their aviation data management within flight operations?

This article explains how flight operations data is used within skybook to provide lasting efficiencies, safety improvements and cost savings for airlines.

How does centralized flight operations data work? 

Airlines use cutting-edge integration capabilities to feed all their required flight data, into one central system… the skybook aviation cloud.

All third party data such as flight plans, schedules, rosters, loadsheets, weather data and more, is integrated into skybook using either API, SFTP, MQ or email.

The information is subsequently deciphered and automatically forwarded to the appropriate people within your operations, precisely when needed. 

      • Dispatchers and OCC staff will instantly gain access to all the crucial information relevant to their daily flights
      • Pilots and flight crew will receive the accurate briefing information and journey log data for completing their electronic flight bag (EFB) workflow along all flight phases
      • OCC managers and flight planners gain access to the most relevant NOTAM and weather data that is critical for situational awareness and flight safety monitoring

electronic flight bag weather data

Post-flight data management

Once the flight is signed off by the pilot, the EFB data is automatically synced back into the skybook central system.

At this point, airlines gain access to a comprehensive range of historical flight data reports; covering up to a total of 5 years’ worth of data.

Saving hundreds of hours of unnecessary manual gathering of information and inputting into other systems!

Included in the post-flight operations data is an intuitive Reporting and Analytics dashboard.

          • Enabling analyst teams to view data metrics such as KPI targets, on-time performance, delays and fuel performance analysis. Helping them to shape future strategies and benchmarking efforts of flight operations
          • Safety & Compliance, Auditors and Quality managers are able to easily access all or specific historical flight data reports at the touch of a button

flight operations data analytics

Not just a pilots EFB app

Providing centralized aviation data management, skybook plays a critical role in delivering precise information for flight operations and OCC environments, enhancing efficiency, safety, and situational awareness.

Unlike many electronic flight bags available, which often have restricted use beyond the flight crew, skybook stands out as a comprehensive EFB and flight operations data solution, continually providing value to airlines. 

Centralized data security & resilience

The most important aspect in providing airlines with centralized flight operations data, is that it needs to be ultra secure and resilient. That is why skybook is able to guarantee a software uptime of 99.95%.

We also provide end to end encrypted data within the AWS fully fault-tolerant and load-balanced infrastructure; as well as a disaster recovery plan, outlined within our ISO 27001 quality management system.

You can explore more about skybook by visiting our website, or better yet, why not request a short demonstration today to see how it could benefit your airline.


By Dan Cook | 08 Feb 2024

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