By Dan Cook | 21 May 2024

Flight dispatch control centre for operational efficiency

For over 40 years Bytron has been leading the way with efficiencies for airlines...

By providing a complete flight dispatch control centre, that removes interruptions from a Flight Operations Officers (FOOs) workload by integrating all the crucial information into one system, known as skybook.

Integrating Flight plans

The primary objective for Flight Dispatch is to plan and monitor flights. Ensuring that pilots and air traffic control have up-to-date operational flight plans, that optimizes flight efficiency and fuel usage. The OFP information is included in a flight briefing pack which must stay updated for flight safety.

skybook now automates over 12 million digital briefing packs each year which can then be reviewed by the dispatcher before being released to the pilot (including ETOPS release). Providing the most comprehensive flight briefings available to over 130 operators across the world.release flight briefing packages

The ability to swiftly generate briefing packs, ensures that pilots receive the most up-to-date flight plans on their EFB device. Meaning flights can take-off on schedule with real-time safety awareness of the journey ahead, and improving the chances of good on-time performance.

How can a flight dispatch control centre help?

It’s common for FOOs to have to monitor multiple systems and carry out many tasks such as delays, last minute changes, passenger numbers, crew changes, route updates, weather & NOTAM monitoring, communication with aircrafts and more.

All these multi-tasking challenges can cause interruptions, headache and distract them from making decisive decisions involving safety!

Therefore, why not compile all these separate dispatch tasks into one central system?

flight dispatch list of scheduled flights

Utilizing the skybook flight dispatch control centre, which fully integrates data from other systems such as: OFP providers, schedules, crew rosters, loadsheets, weather & NOTAMs and much more.

This ensures FOOs and dispatchers can easily manage their flights, see the status of each flight, carry out any flight planning tasks and keep sight of any upcoming delays or changing weather conditions.

Enabling them to concentrate on their flights and planning activities with much less interruptions, boosting their efficiency and improving flight safety awareness.

“skybook represents a truly integrated approach that brings together market-leading functionality for the efficient management of flight data, crew briefing and monitoring operations.”
Mathew Buettner - Director, Jeppesen Flight Planning & Dispatch

A closer look into Flight Dispatch

The skybook flight dispatch control centre displays an active list of all scheduled flights with a 24h, 48h or 7 day view, or with a date range selector to be more specific.

The system constantly monitors the status of flights so dispatchers can instantly see delays, fuel & fuel orders, aircraft, crew, STA, ETA, ETOPS and so much more.

There is also the ability to attach extra documents or important notices to the briefing packs before it is released to the pilot. These could include loadsheets, NOTOC, GENDEC, passenger itinerary, or a last minute update such as a critical NOTAM that the pilot needs to be made aware of. 

It is easy to manage Air Traffic Control, ACARS messages and view RAIM reports. As well as communicate instant messages directly to the flight crew, and update any passenger or crew information if needed.

flight document attachments

Let’s reveal its full benefits

This is just a glimpse of the exceptional capabilities of our flight dispatch control centre.

If you're interested in learning more about skybook or would like to experience it firsthand, get in touch, and our team will arrange a personalized demonstration for you.


By Dan Cook | 21 May 2024

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