By Dan Cook | 28 Sep 2021

Aviation doesn’t stop, neither does skybook…


Aviation is a 24, 7, 365 industry. The pace is relentless, the devil is in the detail and the smallest of problems can quickly result in significant delays, ruined on time performance and a big dent in profits - not to mention a lot of unhappy customers!

Building efficient and effective processes and workflows is clearly vital here but equally as important is investing in the aviation software solutions, that will help you stay ahead of your rivals and effectively deliver daily schedules by doing the hard work for you.


The solution for all flight operators

skybook aviation software is that solution and it consists of a series of powerful modules, all tailored to each operator in order to maximise efficiency, drive performance improvements, reduce flight dispatch and pilots workloads and most importantly, improve awareness and decision making.

When it comes to staying on track - skybook has your back and most importantly of all, it comes with a guaranteed system uptime of 99.99% - yes, you did read that correctly.


How is this actually achieved?

To find out a little more, we asked our COO Simon Clayton for a few words:

“We are able to guarantee our customers a 99.99% system uptime thanks to using industry best practices in regard to software and security throughout our development lifecycle and by utilising Amazon Web Services that provides skybook with a fully fault tolerant cloud based infrastructure."

“Investing in the right solution is a huge undertaking for any airline, especially when that system is directly involved in managing and delivering daily flight schedules, dispatch, crew briefing and monitoring of vital flight information including NOTAM and weather updates.

“We are very passionate about our skybook range and ensuring that our clients have total confidence is at the top of our priority list. This is why we are so proud to offer skybook users such a strong industry leading guarantee leaving them safe in the knowledge that skybook will help identify problems, not be the reason for them.”

Strong customer service is a must with aviation software

Delivering strong customer service and solutions that can be relied upon are at the heart of our business.

If you want to find out more about what skybook can do for your airline or even speak to some of our customers, email us or learn more about skybook aviation software. Also have a look at out latest Reporting & Analytics module, which is used to track flight data analytics by using the EFB information logged by the pilot or first officer. Enabling operators to see on time performance, fuel usage analysis and more.


By Dan Cook | 28 Sep 2021

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