By Charlotte | 28 Apr 2021

Flight Operations Board - Flight Scheduling made easy


Managing numerous flights at once is hard enough without having to worry about which application you need open to manage your information.

With our skybook flight scheduling software you no longer need to spend time flicking between endless screens, you can have all your information in one place, including your Flight Operations Board

flight operations board for dispatchers to track and monitor flight schedules

With a unique and innovative user interface, skybook Operations Board makes it easier than ever to track the status of your flights.

With real-time updates and alerts you can easily monitor status updates, review flight schedules, and manage the impact of delays; with the ability to instantly switch to dispatch board view! 

Integration with flight planning software

Flight Operations Board easily integrates with flight planning systems to automatically import flight data, displaying up-to-date status of all active flights in the most effective way possible.

This real-time visual of the flight status helps keep your flight operations running smoothly by quickly identifying emerging problems.

 flight operations dispatch board


The Flight Operations Board can display the latest status updates as the nav log is completed on the EFB by the flight crew during each flight phase. These updates sync directly to the Operations Board from the skybook EFB application to show the progress of flights, as well as being alerted to any missing information.

When it comes to delays in flights even the smallest amount of time can have a huge impact. By showing the length of delays for flights, dispatchers can easily see how other flights will be impacted, giving time to resolve an issue before it even becomes one.

flight delay awareness software

Flight schedule colour coding

Flight Operations Board displays your flights and with the useful colour coding you can see which aircrafts are delayed and by how long, without having to click onto them.

This effective flight scheduling software helps to speed up decision making. Less time lost means more money saved and helps improve on-time performance for the airline.

skybook Operations Board is game changing. But don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourself and arrange a 30 day trial...

Why not also check out our innovative flight tracking software for enhanced situational awareness on the ground; and not forgetting what happens post-flight, utilising the pilots EFB data to provide effective flight analytics.

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By Charlotte | 28 Apr 2021

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