By Dan Cook | 06 Apr 2022

System integrations for efficient airline operations

You may have heard that the system integration capabilities of the skybook aviation software and EFB app is one of the most complete, within the flight operations software market. Although, you might not know exactly what integrations can be included in skybook.

Below is a short overview of the main integrations we support to help improve the workflow of flight operations by providing a centralized data management system.

aviation software integrations

1. Flight Scheduling Data 

This contains all the flight schedules by the airline and airport. All of the scheduling data is integrated into modules such as the flight dispatch control system.

Schedule IntegrationsAIMS, Blueone, Sabre, Airline via skybook API


2. Airline Crew Scheduling / Roster

The process of assigning a group of flight crew members to operate a set of scheduled flights.    

Crew Roster Integrations: AIMS, Blueone, Sabre, Airline via skybook API


3. Operational Flight Plan Data

A useful collection of flight information for pilots to use to monitor the progress of the flight and ensure the aircraft will arrive on time with enough fuel on the plane. Each OFP is integrated for pilots to access via the digital flight brief within the EFB for example.

OFP Integrations: Jeppesen, Sabre, NavBlue, SITA, FlightKeys, ForeFlight, PPS, Any ARINC 633 EFF OFP

efb ofp data 

4. Aircraft Load sheet

Enables the pilot to effectively ensure the aircraft's total weight load and distribution throughout the aircraft is satisfactory before take-off.

Load Sheet IntegrationsiPort, Altea, Airline via skybook API 



The notification to captain, which is a vital document for the flight crew, provides details of dangerous goods onboard the aircraft so that the commander is aware of it.                

NOTOC Integrations: Altea, Airline via skybook API


6. Flight Manifest            

A document that lists the passengers and crew of an aircraft before departure.  

Manifest Integrations: Airline via skybook API


7. Notices        

Additional information the may need adding to the flight briefing such as permits, manifests and updates.                       

Notices Integrations: PPS, Airline via skybook API


8. MEL

The minimum equipment list allows pilots to legally fly the aircraft even if some equipment is inoperable. MEL acknowledges that even with something broken, the flight can continue safely.

MEL IntegrationsAMOS, Airline via skybook API


9. WX (weather)

We integrate weather data throughout skybook for solutions such as flight tracking, airfield monitoring and within the electronic flight bag.

Weather IntegrationsUK Met Office, National Weather Service

pilot weather monitoring on efb

10. NOTAM             

Notice to Airmen or Notice to Air Missions, is a notice that contains information to alert pilots of potential hazards along the flight route or at a location. skybook can automate and filter real-time alerts, using the NOTAM manager, so that only data is being received.

NOTAM IntegrationsEUROCONTROL, Jeppesen


11. Flight Tracking

Flight tracking is a requirement for airlines and operators as part of being GADSS compliant. skybook ensures aircrafts are being tracked in real-time with alerts if the plane deviates from the route. Learn more about our latest flight tracking update.

Flight Tracking IntegrationsADSB and ACARS (on request)

flight tracking integration


12. CHARTS                  

skybook automatically generate all required ETOPS charts using the flight plan, as part of the crew briefing pack.

Within the EFB Summary Page skybook can also integrate with various charting applications, to send auto filled data straight to 3rd parties apps. These include: Lido mPilot, NavBlue Charts+, Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro, Jeppesen Aviator.

Charts Integrations: Bespoke, UK Met Office, NWS, Jeppesen


13. SSO (Single sign on)

An authentification that enables users to securely log in with a single ID to multiple applications and websites.

SSO Integrations: ADFS / SAML


External Integrations


14. Journey Log

skybook can send the flight journey log information to your operational systems, such as AIMS and Blueone.


15. Flight Events

skybook can provide realtime flight event information to a customer endpoint for integration into any of your internal systems or audit logging applications.


Learn more about skybook

Now that you have a good understanding of what system integration capabilities skybook has to offer. Why not see how skybook our commercial aviation software can help create operational efficiencies for you flight dispatchers, OCC and flight crew.


By Dan Cook | 06 Apr 2022

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