By Dan Cook | 24 Jun 2024

Minimum Equipment List (MEL) integration on EFB

The aircraft Minimum Equipment List (MEL) data can be easily integrated into the skybook Electronic Flight Bag application, which saves time for pilots and engineers and streamlines their process.

Below explains how MEL integrates into the skybook EFB, but first… 

What is a Minimum Equipment List? 

A Minimum Equipment List (MEL) is a document used in aviation that specifies the equipment and systems that must be functional for an aircraft to be considered airworthy.

It lists the items that can be inoperative under certain conditions while still allowing the aircraft to operate safely. The MEL is tailored to each aircraft and is approved by the relevant aviation authority, providing guidelines on what equipment can be deferred and for how long, ensuring safe flight operations even when some equipment is not working.

The MEL is used by both pilots and engineers to evaluate aircraft faults and whether they can be deferred or not.

Here is a traditional sample MEL below:master MEL

Image source:

How does MEL integrate into EFB?

The MEL information is able to be shown digitally within the pilots briefing summary section on the skybook EFB app.

This is achieved by operators sending their MEL items from their MRO software such as AMOS, which is usually contained in an XML file format and then integrated directly into the skybook API. The API converts the XML data and validates it.

Whenever there is any additional MEL information, updates or if anything has been deleted from the AMOS system, this will automatically update within skybook.

skybook also includes other AMOS / MRO data that is sent to our system, for the Configuration Deviation List (CDL) and Non Essential Furnishings (NEF).

Here is an example of how MEL can look within the EFB:

minimum equipment list (MEL) on EFB

The MEL maintenance status information is included within the digital summary version of the pilot briefing shown above, as well as being contained in the PDF briefing pack.

This includes data such as the registration, MEL reference, title and repair category. With an expanded menu showing a description, aircraft hours, cycles, date raised and days remaining.

Looking for a fully integrated EFB system?

By integrating MEL data into the skybook EFB, this streamlines the pilots process whilst allowing them to efficiently determine if it is safe to fly or whether maintenance is required.

Are you an aviation business looking for ways to integrate operational data such as MEL, to streamline your crews workflow? Why not learn more about skybook and get in touch...


By Dan Cook | 24 Jun 2024

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