Integrating with Skybook

A professionally managed transition for bespoke airline integrations

Our goal has always been to enable airlines and operators to take small, manageable steps towards a modern, efficient and effective dispatch and briefing process. So when it comes to migrating from paper-based processes to our digital dispatch and briefing software, we put you back in control with effective aviation integrations

skybook is flexible and so are we

Our team has extensive experience in aviation system development, bespoke airline integrations and analysis having been at the forefront of the business for more than 30 years.

We know how many different programmes and systems are required to manage the wealth of data needed for each flight and how time consuming it is to access this information and we bear this in mind when it comes to aviation integrations.

Let us take stock of your data and remove the complication of managing it by integrating skybook with your third-party systems and making it all available via our Ground Portal and EFB Application at the touch of a button.

It doesn’t need to be difficult as we already have off the shelf integrations for flight planning and crew rostering solutions, including Jeppesen integration. Should bespoke airline integrations be required our team of technical experts are ready to take on the challenge to make sure everything fits your requirements.

It’s not all one-way traffic either, as our integrations and Jeppesen integration will also transmit journey log information and other important data back to third party systems helping to close the loop after every flight.§

API Integrations

Over the years we’ve integrated our skybook aviation software with a range of different systems and even developed bespoke systems to ensure we provide the most effective platform for our clients.

Third parties interface with the skybook management system by utilising our comprehensive API web-services. These services allow third-party systems to transmit and receive data to/from the skybook data centre.

We integrate the information into our systems and provide a central repository for management information and air-to-ground communications.

Integrated Systems:

  • Flight Planning
  • Crew Rostering
  • Flight Scheduling
  • Ops Systems
  • MRO Systems

Bespoke Systems:

  • MRO Connectors
  • EFBs
  • CDM Data Providers
  • AFTN Communications
  • Flight Crew Notices

Datafeed Management

skybook would be nothing without the most reliable, accurate and timely data, matched to your exact operational requirements.

The datafeeds used by skybook are taken from the most credible sources, all based on your operator settings and operational minima and each piece of information is reviewed in detail to identify and alert you to any issues that may affect your operations before it reaches you.

We’re officially accredited to receive data from all of them..

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