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Digital transformations start by creating connected systems

The real-time management of data is vital in the aviation industry and is also one of the biggest challenges for any operator. With skybook integrations we can tackle this challenge head-on for you.

Connected applications for seamless data management

Connected applications for seamless data management

The definition of integration talks about bringing together a series of components to make them function as one. It sounds so simple and yet it is something that so many providers fail to deliver. This is not the case for Bytron.

We are experts in integrating systems and have been leading the way for many years. This is down to how we work in partnerships with our clients to understand why an integration is needed, the purpose it serves and the problems it needs to address.

We map out the integration from data source to end point and determine how accessible it needs to be so it is readily available for all who need it. The benefits of creating integrated solutions include:

  • Automation of data management – removing the need to manually transfer between systems
  • Reduced workloads by removing duplication of inputting
  • Improved accuracy by taking data from source to end point – removing manual input
  • Saves time and increases data availability
  • A single integration can be used to provide data across multiple sources

The right integration partner can help to empower your organisation in many ways, that partner is us.

Connected applications for seamless data management

Unlock EFF Information with skybook

Unlock EFF Information with skybook

With many companies using different providers for their flight planning and EFB applications, having a solution that can ensure your data is available and unrestricted with an ever-growing number of third-party applications and systems is game changing.

That’s why we have developed the technology to ingest flight plans, schedules, crew rosters and supplementary documentation in various formats such as Text Files, PDF, XML or ARINC633-2 from a wide range of sources and providers.

Say goodbye to extracting, converting and re-constructing data to make it compatible for your EFB because we have the perfect solution – skybook.

All the information received gets stored within the skybook flight record vault and can be used for dispatch and/or briefing from within skybook or we can pass this Electronic Flight Folder (EFF) to 3rd Party EFB applications using our skybook api.

skybook does this automatically for each and every flight, generating cost savings and reducing workloads across each sector being flown. It’s the solution you’ve been searching for.

Unlock EFF Information with skybook

Make the most of your data

Make the most of your data

Integrating systems and applications is nothing new, it’s something we have been helping our clients achieve for many years now and yet we still have many discussions with new clients where it is clear they are only scratching the surface of what could be achieved.

All too often a lot of time is spent by operators looking at how workloads can be reduced by integrating systems that are used across the pre-flight process - but what about post-flight and during maintenance?

skybook is unique in its ability to automatically manage data across each flight phase which means it is proven to deliver the following benefits and improvements:

  • Reduced workloads
  • Improved information sharing across teams and departments
  • Improved communication between teams on the ground and pilots
  • Instant access to actual data as soon as it is transmitted
  • Better insights into actual performance
  • Increased situational awareness and improved decision making
  • Improved data accuracy

skybook is used by airlines and operators around the world and is proven to deliver a series of benefits. It will help delivery efficiency, it will improve the way in which you use and manage your data and above all, it will help deliver savings across your organisation.

Make the most of your data

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