By Dan Cook | 22 Sep 2021

The Complete Flight Operations Software Solution


If you already use skybook then you will know that it really is the complete flight operations software platform. Recognised globally by commercial and cargo airlines all over the world to create a fully digital and connected airline.

Although if you’re not familiar with skybook and would like to know more, then keep reading to learn how it can help flight dispatchers and flight deck to improve efficiency.


skybook for the Flight Operations and Dispatch team..

Do you work within an airline flight operations, planning and dispatch team? If that’s a yes, then do you have daily workload issues with having to use too many applications at once, some which may be outdated or not quite ticking the boxes for your airline?

Maybe you are using separate flight operations software for multiple tasks. Such as checking the flight scheduling, updating the flight deck and crew with any vital information, real time flight tracking of the aircrafts, airfield and NOTAM monitoring alerts or accessing previous flight data?

Is your airline still using paper based or pdf flight briefings to share with the pilots and crew on flightdeck?

If one, or all these questions above sound familiar, then we have the perfect solution for your flight operations team. Proven to massively improve efficiency, save you time and the airline money in the process...

We are that confident with skybook our flight operations software, as it is trusted by world leading airlines and aerospace companies such as Boeing, airtanker and Jeppesen. Check out this skybook case study from skydubai.

flight operations software quote 


skybook combines all of the flight dispatchers tasks above into one streamlined flight operations and dispatch portal that is super easy to use. So tasks such as checking the flight scheduling and switching to see the latest NOTAM alerts, is done at the touch of a button; some would say quicker then a supersonic jet!

For total reassurance, at Bytron Aviation Systems we have full access to the worlds most trusted data feeds, ensuring we have the most accurate, updated flight information possible.

Now combine all those benefits with the electronic flight bag software for pilots, to use via an ipad or tablet device. The EFB allows the seamless sharing of flight briefing data and vital flight information between flight dispatchers, flight deck… and back again.

You now have a complete all in one solution for flight operations. Want to know more about the benefits of our EFB, keep reading.


Does the skybook aviation software sound like a good fit for your airline?

We work very closely with each client to ensure that their airline flight operations software is bespoke and fully customizable to your requirements. We are an extension of your team and provide excellent levels of customer service and 24 hour technical assistance. Here's some of our latest clients that have took their operational efficiencies to new heights.

For more information or to book a skybook demo, get in touch at



skybook for Pilots or EFB Managers

Maybe you are a chief pilot or EFB Manager looking for an innovative EFB ipad app that houses up to date flight information?

How about a user friendly EFB solution that can share accurate flight data with flight dispatchers and the ground team whilst fully integrating with other flight systems?

The award winning skybook EFB effortlessly combines workload tasks on flight deck allowing more time for pilots to focus on the flight ahead.

Digital crew briefing completely replaces paper based or static pdf flight briefings, with real time information to ensure accurate data that can highlight weather and any NOTAM alerts.


efb weather map


The EFB mapping module is highly intuitive, showcasing real time weather conditions such as turbulence, lightning and hurricanes.

Using the flight journey log allows pilots to improve flight data capture and sharing pre-flight and post-flight information to the relevant people. This allows for cross team collaboration seamlessly with the ground portal and savings of time and money due to the automation put into flight.

Combining the skybook electronic flight bag app and dispatchers ground portal into one bespoke flight operations software package is the obvious choice for many of our airline clients. What's more, we can confidently say that skybook and our aviation software packages are guaranteed to have an uptime of 99.99%!

It is worth noting that both EFB and ground portal can be bought separately if you only have need for one element of the software. Or you might want to implement one part of skybook to try out before upgrading fully. Whatever you’re requirements, we are happy to help.


book an demo for skybook efb and flight operations software

Let's chat about your flight operations

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Also check out our other latest and upcoming modules such as our airline analytics for reporting and analysing important flight data, such as fuel usage and aircraft on time performance levels. Document Management Library which is a digital archive to manage all of the aircraft documents and manuals, for pilots to also use on the skybook EFB app. Lastly, the Form Builder module, which is for creating custom airline eforms that can be shared and filled in also on the electronic flight bag.

To learn more about our skybook ground portal and EFB app head to skybook software or read about the user journey of the Electronic flight bag.


By Dan Cook | 22 Sep 2021

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