By Shane Spencer | 20 Apr 2021

Skybook EFB Software - Enhanced Pilot Briefing

It’s product launch time here at Bytron Aviation Systems as the latest version of our already award winning EFB software app takes to the skies around the world with a host of new features that all aim to directly address some of the most challenging aspects of aviation.

Rather than making some bold statements around our all new ‘next gen’ EFB software and listing endless functions, we thought we would take a different approach and talk about the problems and challenges the latest skybook Electronic Flight Bag app sets out to directly address in order to help airline operators achieve much more than simply ‘going paperless’ by giving pilots a digital pilot briefing solution.

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What’s new on our EFB software & what does it address?

Our airline customers and the aviation industry are looking towards the future for new improvements and bigger performance gains.

They want to extract every possible benefit and in the case of our clients, with skybook sitting firmly at the centre of flight dispatch and operations, flight deck and maintenance, they are looking for new gains to further improve overall performance and drive additional airline savings.


flight briefing efb


Operators are looking way beyond the original objectives of improving crew briefings by removing paper and are now pushing forward to create fully connected flight operation systems that share vital information pre-flight, during the flight and then post flight in order to deliver:


      • Workload and labour reductions through automated flight briefing creation, data import and sharing

      • Improved global awareness through fully tailored interactive pilot briefings

      • Access to global NOTAM, Weather and Airport data via a single portal

      • Improved situational awareness, faster problem identification and increase situational awareness

      • Improved accuracy and increased flight data capturing across all sectors

      • Automated information sharing in real time post flight

      • Integrated tech log for real time sharing of information between flight deck and engineering

      • Aircraft Interfacing to automate data capture

      • Post flight reporting and analytics

      • Device sync for seamless data sharing between pilots and engineering teams


We could go further but to summarise, if you’re looking for an EFB software solution and only focussing on flight deck benefits, you run the risk of falling behind the curve and being outperformed by your rivals.

Taking all of the above into account, what can you expect in our enhanced EFB app?


efb app ipad


Changes following our pilot EFB enhancements

 Our focus has been on five main areas here as follows:

    • Usability

    • Adaptability

    • Flexibility

    • Integration

    • Awareness/decision making


To that end we have made the latest version of the skybook Electronic Flight Bag more user friendly with much improved human/machine interfacing throughout each module.

Navigation throughout the EFB app has been improved to reduce the number of clicks required to perform key tasks and also to ensure that effective workflows are created that help operators drive efficiency on the flight deck by reducing pilot workloads.

skybook is able to integrate fully with more third-party applications and systems than ever before and most importantly, the launch of our all new Form Builder module means that operators can create tailored digital forms. They can also manage the onward development of the EFB software and eTech Log apps in house – something that sets our applications firmly aside from others on the market.


What’s new in the skybook Electronic Flight Bag app?

Knowledge is power – fact. Without it there are too many variables, and you simply cannot make the right decisions.

This is why the latest version of the skybook EFB is our most powerful application to date bringing vital sector information together in one place for pilots to review prior to departure.

Aside from increased integration options to bring all pilot briefing data into the skybook EFB, enhanced configuration and tailoring through the Form Builder technology, and a revised user interface to make the application easier and quicker to navigate. Our revised EFB app for ipad features a brand-new global mapping tool that puts an entire world of information in the palm of your hand.

The new Mapping Module enables airline pilots to bring the most vital information together in one place helping them to review the entire route for each sector in detail, all within a single screen.

They can select from a number of additional filters which depict a range of real time weather conditions and updates which helps to ensure they are able to quickly identify potential problems and look at the actual impact on the route being flown.

The all-new flight mapping module is the most powerful new addition to our already class leading crew briefing, allowing pilots to review the following at the touch of a button: 

    • Icing

    • Turbulence

    • Lightning

    • Hurricane

    • Surface

    • Ash

    • Waypoint data (WPT name, flight level, timings and fuel data)

    • Airfield Alerts (real time METAR, TAF and NOTAM information)



A series of highly intuitive sliders and filters ensure that pilots can very easily switch between information, flight levels and flight times to help them better assess the actual impact of weather, for example, on their route. This will be vital when it comes to making decisions that could affect the flight.

Furthermore, our tailored flight briefing packs are already engineered to highlight weather and NOTAM issues based on pre-defined operator configuration which means that skybook will also be actively alerting pilots to emerging problems that could impact on the airports featuring in the sector being flown.

The real time data provided above is included as part of a skybook EFB software package subscription and can be refreshed at any time to provide pilots with the very latest information.

Operating sectors safely is paramount for all aviation pilots making our EFB ipad app a vital flight deck addition.

Want to learn more about our EFB solution?

If you want to know more, we are more than happy to help so to arrange a call and demo with our EFB aviation team, send us a message.

To find out more about the latest skybook Electronic Flight Bag ipad app head to our website


By Shane Spencer | 20 Apr 2021

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