Skybook EFB Enhanced Journey Logging

By James | 22nd April 2021

As you’ve already seen from part 1 of our EFB blog post, the skybook Electronic Flight Bag application has received some serious love in recent months and as a result is more powerful, user friendly and effective than ever before.

In our first blog, we spoke about the work we’ve done to improve on our already class leading interactive crew briefings. In part 2, we’ll turn our focus to Journey Logging and how we have been able to make our award-winning app even better for our core users – pilots…

Let’s take a walk through what’s changed and why.


Improved Data Capture

When it comes to data capture, our EFB already leads the way so our latest enhancements only serve to strengthen the performance our of flight deck companion.

Revised navigation and user interfacing again help make the app more intuitive to use and thanks to increased flexibility, we are now able to go even further when it comes to creating efficient workflows that help maximise productivity whilst reducing unrequired button pressing.

Any fields that aren’t needed can simply be removed and mandatory capture points are easy to create and highly visible to ensure operators extract all vital data from each flight.

Thanks to Form Builder, new tailored forms and reports can also be created and accessed for use across skybook in a matter of minutes which further enhances our ability to create detailed comprehensive insights across each and every sector.


Improved data sharing

As we mentioned in our first bog post, if you are building a business case for EFB’s on the flight deck and your focus is too narrow, you will be missing the opportunity to deliver far wider savings and improvements across wider teams and departments.

Our more holistic approach see’s us focussing on pre-flight data collection and import, briefing creation and delivery, data capture during the flight and then data sharing post flight. Ideally, we aim to integrate and automate as much as possible.

By looking more widely at how this vital information is collated, shared, reviewed, updated and then used after the flight, you are able to achieve far more significant savings and improvements that will help to:

  • Increase insights and make all actual data usable
  • Make data captured available in real time for wider departments
  • Improve efficiencies by removing onward data input requirements
  • Improve data quality and accuracy
  • Help improve performance and turnaround times

With skybook at the centre of your team, your teams will be more productive, efficient and above all, armed with all information required to take performance to the next level.


Automated Tech Log population

It is no secret that our all new eTech Log application is due out soon and once live, this will make skybook the most comprehensive solution on the market.

As part of this preparation, we have made the changes needed to ensure that all Tech Log applicable information captured by the crew as part of the Journey Log will automatically sync with the eTech Log app in order to remove the need for double keying of information and help drive further workload reductions on the flight deck.

This intelligent functionality is not reserved solely for our eTech Log though as the skybook EFB application can also be integrated with third party applications in order to help achieve a similar outcome.

Our eTech Log application is set to be a very powerful addition to the skybook range and we are keen to let operators get hands on in order to see how effective it is in the real world so if you would like to jump the queue and become a development partner, let’s talk.

Benefits include being amongst the first to put our eTL through it’s paces, the chance to actively shape development of the app and to ensure your requirements feature from day one to make it even more effective.

To discuss this further along with the additional benefits of being a development partner, contact us via


What to do next

If you want to know more, we are more than happy to help so to arrange a call and demo with our EFB team email us at

To find out more about the latest skybook Electronic Flight Bag application head to our website



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