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For real-time airfield data trust Airfield Watch


Airfield Watch is one of our established, effective and most popular aerodrome and airfield data solutions, used to great effect by operators and airports across the world each and every day.

It has been engineered to tackle very specific problems that have a huge impact on aviation as a whole and that is why Airfield Watch is so effective.


Airfield Watch is the direct answer to the constant drain on resources that is the needed for continuous airfield data, weather and NOTAM monitoring that is required in order to deliver safe flying schedules and maintain on time performance.

Clearly this is a vital requirement, but does it still need to be such a labour intensive ongoing manual process performed across numerous systems?

In a word – no.

airfield data watch

Efficiency in your flight operations

Look at it this way and ask a simple question, how many members of the team does it currently take to keep on top of weather and NOTAM information and more importantly, how long does it take to turn this airfield data into a useable update that could be shared with all who need to know in the event of a problem.

Regardless of the size of the airline operator or scale of daily flight operations, the answer is still the same. If you trust in technology when it comes to your aircraft, isn’t it time to embrace technology elsewhere in the process with a solution that does the hard work for your teams?

Airfield Watch has over 35 years of aviation industry experience and problem solving know how at its core.

It uses the best and most reliable global data sources so that skybook users can rely not only on our solutions but also on the airfield data provided within them in order to help make the right call time after time during adverse conditions or when situations arise. 

Our development team have delivered a series of unique user interfaces that ensure each parameter can be clearly viewed, all changes and be quickly identified and additional detail can be accessed at the touch of a button thanks to user driven dashboards.

And above all though, it is a solution developed directly with the industry and our clients so you can be confident that Airfield Watch will be a very effective member of any team.


Integrate with systems or as standalone

Airfield Watch is part of the skybook desktop dashboard most commonly used to great effect by flight operations, dispatch and flight tracking teams.

It consists of a very well-thought-out user-centric dashboard that presents comprehensive METAR, TAF and NOTAM information for every airport of interest. This information can be brought directly into skybook via seamless integration with planning and scheduling systems which means the airport list is both current and accurate.

Alternatively, Airfield Watch can be used to great effect straight out of the box thanks to a series of very intuitive configuration options that allow operators to build their own minima for airport weather, alert status for NOTAM information and even airport groups to help manage all airports across the globe with ease and ensure nothing of importance is missed out.


skybook Airfield Watch screen shot


Where does airfield & aerodrome data come from?

All airfield / aerodrome weather information is sourced directly from the UK MET Office and NOAA with NOTAM information coming directly from EUROCONTROL. All of this data is continuously refreshed and reviewed by skybook using operator specific parameters.

As soon as skybook identifies a problem NOTAM or deteriorating weather conditions, targeted alerts are generated and displayed within Airfield Watch against the relevant airport and these alerts can also be sent directly to those who need them, regardless of where they may be at the time.


skybook Airfield Watch user key

All NOTAM settings and weather minima are configured specifically for each operator in order to ensure all warnings and alerts can be relied upon and clearly depict the emerging issues that will result in a problem, delay or worse.


Next steps...

Airfield Watch is a very effective route into skybook and with airlines and operators looking at how to potentially reduce costs, do more with less and identify ways of working more efficiently and safely, now would be a very good time to learn more.

We have a range of very cost-effective options when it comes to taking Airfield Watch on board which means that this proven technology could be live far sooner than you think and cost less than you might imagine.

Our team are always on hand to help start your skybook journey, our product specialists are ideally placed to take you through our products in far more detail and we’ll even give you free access to experience how effective Airfield Watch could be as part of your team.

Simply email us via or visit Bytron aviation systems for more information about skybook.

You might also be interested in some of our latest products such as our airline analytics module for analysing flight data like specific aircraft fuel usage, on-time performance and more. Or our Document Management Library for managing your digital aircraft manurals and documents and sending to electronic flight bags.


By | 01 Sep 2020

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