By Dan Cook | 06 Jul 2022

Optimising airlines with aviation dispatch software


When it comes to providing efficiencies for Flight Dispatchers or Flight Operations Officers…is the aviation dispatch software within your operations as effective as it could be, or are they still struggling with many seperate systems?

Of course, there are the obvious tasks such as…

Managing and updating flight information and schedules, monitoring the flight’s progress, and alerting the flight crew about any hazardous weather conditions such as turbulence or thunderstorms that might affect the flight safety.

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Did you know about our integrations?

The skybook dispatch software provides all the vital data integration from other 3rd party airline systems, automating many manual processes. Making it the most comprehensive dispatch solution on the market for a efficient flight operations.

Ultimately saving you time trawling through other systems, trying to add things in such as operational flight plans, crew rosters, loadsheets, aviation weather charts…the list goes on!

This enables you to focus on effectively managing the flights and ensuring passenger safety, whilst helping to maintain good on-time performance for the aircraft and airline.

Communicate directly to the pilots EFB

Utilising the latest EFB technology provided to the pilots, flight dispatchers can easily communicate vital flight information directly to the crew on flight deck. All via the instant message section, within the skybook aviation dispatch software.

Ensuring your airline systems are fully connected and integrated with an EFB solution, will majorly reduce the need for paper-based flight briefing packs, and save crucial time for dispatchers and flight crew.

Status updates are very useful for the dispatchers to keep aware of the progress of each flight...

Analyse data from the electronic flight folder

If for whatever reason you already have an EFB in place, 3rd party EFB / EFF data can also be integrated into the skybook dispatch system!

This is particularly useful during the flight tracking phase or post-flight for analysing flight data, such as on-time performance or delay codes over a set period of time.

Advantages of using our aviation dispatch software? 

skybook provides the most up-to-date information regarding the status of pilot digital briefings and aircraft dispatch. Ensuring the dispatcher instantly has all the required flight data available for the crew and provides efficient tools to ensure the flight can be undertook safely. 

The dispatcher can monitor the progress of the flight and even utilise other supporting modules such as the Ops board flight performance system or flight tracking, to have a full situational awareness of their scheduled flights.

Dispatchers also instantly receive important notifications and alerts about potential issues that might impact their flights.


How many flight dispatchers are using skybook?

Each airline has a varied number of dispatchers, but it definitely runs over 1000 users and that number continues to growing quickly. With over 100 airlines along with cargo and commercial aviation, currently using Flight Dispatch. From regional airlines such as CityJet, to larger low-cost airlines with multiple dispatchers such as Flydubai.

That equates to approximately 50,000 flight plans that are received each week, going into the skybook dispatch system!  

Learn more about flight dispatch...

Why not find out more about skybook and our aviation dispatch software, by getting in touch on the form below.

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By Dan Cook | 06 Jul 2022

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