By Dan Cook | 30 Mar 2023

CityJet chooses skybook EFB for their regional jets

Regional jet airline CityJet have selected Bytron Aviation Systems to be their digital flight operations and EFB provider.

The skybook EFB app is being utilised by CityJet’s fleet of CRJ900 aircraft, which are used in a wet lease contract with their crew to support other airlines such as SAS Scandinavian Airline across Copenhagen, Stockholm and other destinations.

EFB Software Uptime importance

CityJet chose Bytron as their provider, as they needed a reliable Electronic Flight Folder with a 99.95% uptime that works stringently to their flight crews requirements, and can streamline their pilots workflows.

Selecting the skybook EFB which is continuously improving to the customers needs; including better data accuracy for the regional airline and time savings on flightdeck. Leading to an improved experience for the customers.

efb quick links connectivity charts, notam and flight deck pro

Streamlining the EFF Flight Phase

Partnering closely together, Bytron were able to meet CityJet’s needs by developing new integration features within the EFB application that provide major time savings for their pilots.

One of the main enhancements created was an innovative summary page that provides quick links to other sections of the app. Providing the pilots with an interactive snapshot of the flight information integrated from the OFP.

The flight crews workflow on the electronic flight folder has also been overhauled with a streamlined focus on each flight phase data input. Pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight has an improved user experience, reducing the number of taps and automating tasks such as delay code calculations.

Other time saving improvements include an auto-save feature and integration to 3rd party apps such as airline charting application FliteDeck Pro and Lido mPilot.

Providing in-depth fuel data

With fuel efficiencies being an increased focus within the aviation industry, CityJet have chosen to lead the way with an in-depth fuel data input on their EFB app, providing them with a thorough basis for post-flight fuel analysis.

Bytron have also separately released the fuel analytics dashboard known as Reporting & Analytics, which utilises fuel data from the EFB device and is valuable to airline customers who are looking to find future fuel savings. aviation fuel analytics

Regional airlines EFB solution

Are you part of a regional airline or other aviation business, looking to streamline flight crew processes?

Learn more about skybook and our EFB application.


By Dan Cook | 30 Mar 2023

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