By Shane Spencer | 24 Oct 2017

skybook takes off with flydubai

flydubai, the Dubai-based airline, has chosen skybook to provide a new digital flight briefing solution that utilises the flagship software product from Bytron Aviation Systems.

Now live across flydubai’s flight operations, skybook is handling approximately 250 sectors per day, providing the operations teams with the latest tools to dispatch flights as well as providing pilots with detailed digital flight briefing information.

Modular and scalable by design, skybook is a flexible modern flight dispatch, crew briefing and journey logging solution that can be tailored to meet the exacting needs of any operator, across any sector, regardless of fleet, size or budget.

flydubai efb and dispatch software

Implementing skybook will enhance existing flight operations processes helping drive efficiencies, save time and reduce operating costs across every sector being flown.

Bytron Aviation Systems Managing Director Shane Spencer said: “flydubai is one of the UAE’s national carriers with an extensive network and I am proud to be able to say that they have chosen skybook as their premier solution for flight dispatch, crew briefing and journey log.”

“We carried out an intensive trial and evaluation period together, testing each and every aspect of skybook’s functionality, reliability and overall performance.”

“This was an excellent opportunity to not only prove our worth but to also learn from flydubai’s experience and to further develop skybook based on their operational requirements. This partnership has realised major benefits for ourselves as well as for all of our current and future clients.“

“skybook is now handling the dispatch and briefing process for every flydubai flight, automatically generating the information required to produce up to 250 sector briefings per day, all meeting the exacting requirements needed for flydubai’s pilots, helping to save time, improve efficiency and consistency and to benefit operating costs in the future,” added Spencer.

Commenting on the project, Paul Smylie, Senior Manager, Flight Operations at flydubai, said, “We chose skybook as a digital briefing solution not only due to the capabilities of the system, but as a result of the willingness of Bytron to continue to develop the product in line with industry best practice. The highly configurable solution provides a useful tool for our pilots, as well as for our Flight Operations and Network Control teams. We look forward to working with the Bytron team on further developments going forward.“

skybook implementation

Introducing a new system within the aviation industry can be a challenge, especially where there is no way of stopping the wheels from turning while you switch from one system to another.

We worked closely with flydubai to not only understand and develop their system requirements, but to also create a project timeline that helped us deliver skybook in a phased approach. This helped us to deliver each aspect and train users accordingly, minimising operational disruption.

We engineered skybook to meet the exact integration requirements of flydubai and once the Ground Portal modules were firmly in place, we supported flydubai as they worked to gain EFB accreditation to switch across to fully digital flight crew briefing and journey logging.

This helped us to break down the implementation into manageable chunks and also helped ensure each module was fully tested and signed off before going live.

About flydubai

Dubai-based flydubai strives to remove barriers to travel and enhance connectivity between different cultures across its ever-expanding network. Since launching its operations in 2009, flydubai has:

Created a network of more than 95 destinations in 44 countries.

Opened up 67 new routes that did not previously have direct air links to Dubai or were not served by a UAE national carrier from Dubai.

Operates a single fleet type of 58 Next-Generation Boeing 737-800 aircraft and will take delivery of more than 100 aircraft by the end of 2023.

In addition, flydubai’s agility and flexibility as a young airline has enhanced Dubai’s economic development, in line with the Government of Dubai’s vision, by creating trade and tourism flows in previously underserved markets.

See the benefits of skybook

Our experience helped to deliver flydubai’s requirements and we can do the same for you. See skybook for yourself and arrange a skybook demo today!


By Shane Spencer | 24 Oct 2017

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