By Dan Cook | 16 Dec 2021

skybook: A powerful Electronic Flight Bag on iPad


The skybook electronic flight bag is our powerful ipad app that will transform your flight operations, from take-off to landing and beyond. Here is a concise user overview (as seen on Mentour Pilot) demonstrating each section of our easy-to-use electronic flight bag. If you are not exactly sure what an EFB is, find out here, What is an electronic flight bag?

This EFB app works for and with commercial, private and cargo airline pilots, and can be tailored to each airline. Whether operators have specific criteria for long haul, short haul flights, or certain regulation requirements; skybook can be unique to your airline.


Signing in to skybook is secure and managed by an admin account that is initially set up via the skybook ground portal website. Once signed in, you have the option to choose a new or load a flight sector briefing. This flight list can also be filtered to flights the pilot is rostered for.


choose flight sector briefing


Digital briefing is the way forward

The digital briefing is where the skybook electronic flight bag for ipad starts to become a pilot’s best friend. Immediately you can see the OFP with other interactive sections listed down the side; but the magic really happens when tapping onto the Map section! With a user-friendly interface, you have the option to toggle environment and weather factors on the map. Such as waypoints, labels, and airfields.


efb map ipad


The Airfield tab shows real time data of NOTAM and weather information for each airfield waypoint, nearest neighbour, and arrival destination. This section is full of easy to digest information and utilises quick navigation buttons at the top with a clear colour coding warning factor that is determined by individual airline minima settings.


efb NOTAM data


In order to navigate to each sector of the EFB, you have to first accept the sector via the flashing blue button at the top. This ensures that the pilot hasn’t missed any critical information and notifies flight dispatchers when the pilot has completed the briefing.

This highly configurable solution provides a useful tool for pilots, as well as for Flight Operations and Network Control teams.


Plog for each flight phase

Now using the main navigation at the bottom of the interface it’s onto the Plog section, also known as the journey log. This is a very detailed and interactive digital form which is usually for the first officer to fill in pre-flight, en-route, and post-flight. Here the pilots must input the fuel, weight & balance, performance data, and more. Just thinking about all this information in a paper-based format sure makes pilots appreciate how innovative an electronic flight bag really is!


pre flight data electronic flight bag


The airline decides which fields of data on the ipad app are mandatory for the pilots to fill in and more or less fields can be included depending on the data the airlines want to capture. This can indeed be very thorough and includes options such as taking photos with the devices camera and signing off data with a digital signature.

All this information is also synced over to the skybook ground portal for flight dispatchers to see status updates and for other airline departments to be able to report and analyse.


The final Voyage

Voyage is the final section that the pilot must complete after the plane has landed. It follows the same simple layout as the other sections, this allows the user to easily navigate and fill in important information such as crew members, ground services, de-icing or any delays to the flight. Once the electronic flight bag information has been logged on the ipad, the voyage can then be signed off and the final data will be sent to the ground portal.


post flight efb data


When signing off the voyage, if any of the mandatory data is missed within the Plog section, the app will notify the pilot exactly what is missing which prompts them to go back and input the correct information.


Other key EFB features

Within the settings there are features such as Day/night mode and the ability to share voyage or synchronise with other electronic flight bag devices.

The library section is a place for storing important aircraft documents and interactive forms which can all be sent across via the ground portal.

There is also a highly anticipated Tech log section which is due to be released in the near future and allows pilots to input certain information for when they complete a visual inspection of the aircraft before take-off.


EFB tech log


Flight summary of skybook EFB

One thing that really stands out above other electronic flight bags, is our onboarding and customer service levels. You are provided with a dedicated account manager, training and 24/7 IT support team, should someone need assistance with troubleshooting or any issues. Our team are also driven to innovate the EFB app with regular release notes full of updates and improvements.

We are dedicated to improving the workflow for airlines and pilots and the skybook EFB provides an easy user experience, real time information and helps pilots to save valuable time on flight deck. Which helps to improve overall airline on time performance

To learn how skybook can transform your flight operations, get in touch or book a demo. Also be sure to check out our pilot electronic flight bag webinar and our top EFB questions that we get asked by aviation companies and commercial airlines.


By Dan Cook | 16 Dec 2021

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