By Dan Cook | 15 Jun 2022

Top EFB questions we get asked by Airlines


One of the big things that makes our electronic flight bag (or EFB) a success is how it pulls in all sorts of crucial information from the skybook ground portal.

The skybook API integrates all sorts of 3rd party data such as schedules, OFPs, crew rosters, NOTAM information, weather charts and much more. 

efb integrations

With the great amount of versatility skybook offers, there is no surprise that the electronic flight bag is popular with EFB managers, pilots and a vast ranges of airline companies. 

Dispatchers, pilots and flight operation teams are increasingly wanting to improve their workflow and move to a digital and more sustainable solution that ultimately saves them time, money and in turn helps to improve that all important on-time performance for the airline...


Now on to those crucial top EFB questions asked by airlines and operators


Can I refresh my weather and NOTAM information as the flight draws nearer?

Yes providing there is a data connection you can refresh from the app at any point and the latest weather and NOTAM information will appear.

refresh notam data on efb 

Can I still use skybook when I don’t have a data connection?

If there is no connection, skybook goes into offline mode saving the latest version of the EFB. From there iPad can be updated using the airdrop feature, so yes skybook and its features can still be used without a connection.


Can dispatchers talk to the flight crew via the EFB? 

Yes again connection dependant there is an instant message from the skybook flight dispatch ground portal system that sends directly to the EFB device for the flight crew to see.

instant messages to efb


Does skybook remove the need for paper-based sign off?

Whilst there will probably always be a small element of paper needed, the flight briefing sign off is all digital and much more efficient.

flight brief efb sign off

Will I still need a paper version of the OFP?

skybook has a 99.99% uptime guarantee. But on the very small chance, there is always an option to take the paper based or PDF based version of the OFP from the ground portal


Can we send journey log data to an Ops system such as AIMS? 

As mentioned at the start, we have a number of integration options available enabling skybook to ingest data pre flight and share data directly post flight.

This helps save time, improve accuracy and greatly reduce the possibility of errors when transferring data from one system to another.


Can we automatically launch FDPRO or mpilot and auto populate the flight plan so charts are selected for the pilots?

Yes within skybook it not only offers the open direct feature without having to navigate home screens it also allows the inputted data to be transferred over with just the click of a button.


Can we configure digital forms to complete on the EFB?

In the form builder module we can recreate a form or alternatively we can create an EFB version of the form dependant on local CAA rules on how the form is to be displayed.

digital aviation forms on efb


We really hope you’ve gained some insightful information from some of our top EFB questions. If you have any more questions get in touch.

Be sure to check out what else skybook has to offer, and if you like what you see book a demonstration and don’t forget to subscribe to our emails.


By Dan Cook | 15 Jun 2022

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