By Dan Cook | 24 Jan 2024

Customization options in electronic flight bag (EFB) apps

This article aims to show how easy it is to customize the skybook electronic flight bag, specifically to your pilot and flight crews required workflow. 

The game-changing EFB customization features provide a number of key benefits to airlines:

      • No more waiting for unnecessary software updates
      • Saved costs on development for simple changes
      • No learning coding or training days required
      • EFB tailored to the information your operations need

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This bespoke offering is totally unique to in the EFB market. Unlike most providers offering a 'one size fits all' solution, our bespoke offering recognizes the diverse needs of various aviation businesses and airline operations!

How does the EFB customization work?

To customize your EFB firstly our team designate someone as a super admin user. Either from your operations, or alternatively our team can handle this if you prefer.

This could be the EFB manager / administrator or the main person in your operations responsible for the EFB. This just stops anyone from being able to change fields or settings.

Within the app settings on the skybook web-based ground portal, there is a comprehensive list relating to all the EFB sections that can be easily customized.

This includes virtually all text fields within the pilots journey logging part of the EFB, relating to the flight phases – Pre-Flight, In-flight and Post-Flight.

flight phase pilot forms on efb app

Change and hide fields

For example, if a super user wanted to change a heading title, from ‘Total Pax’ to ‘Total Passengers’ they can simply type the new title into the Custom Label field, click save. That will then update to all the skybook EFBs within your operations. 

Super users can also tick ‘Hidden’ to easily hide sections that aren’t relevant, such as hiding the ‘Nature of Flight’ field within the Pre-Flight section. Then just like magic, the EFB form updates and the section is hidden from view… now how easy is that! 

hide efb text form fields

Streamlined & bespoke electronic flight bag 

By providing super admins with the ability to make super quick and easy EFB customizations, ensures that skybook is one of the easiest and most flexible electronic flight bags, with absolutely no learning how to code required! 

This marks the beginning of enhancing the customization of our EFB. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the future, and why not subscribe to our newsletter

If you would like to try skybook for yourself, be sure to get in touch and you can request a bespoke demonstration.

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By Dan Cook | 24 Jan 2024

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