By Dan Cook | 07 Dec 2021

Make your airline forms digital with skybook form builder


Are you looking to create more digital efficiencies within your ever evolving airline flight operations?

Do you have multiple people across airline departments creating different forms in various programs; leading to forms in different locations and making it difficult to keep an audit trail?

Time to introduce you to ‘Form Builder’.



Form Builder is an interactive airline e-forms module that allows operators to create custom digital forms. These forms can be stored all in one place for auditing control and shared to other departments, as well as to electronic flight bags for First Officers and Pilots to access and fill in.

Our digital e-form builder is a module that sits within the skybook flight operations software package. However, if you only require the form builder purely as a standalone module then lets arrange a chat.


What is Skybook aviation cloud software?

Just in case you are new to skybook then below is a very brief overview…

skybook comprises of two key parts. Firstly the web-based ‘ground portal’ which is primarily used by flight dispatchers and flight operations. Mainly used to create flight briefings, track and monitor their airlines flights, analyse flight data, manage documents and so much more.

Then secondly the skybook Electronic flight bag software which is an innovative app that is used by airline Pilots and First Officers on the flight deck to sign off briefings and input important flight information, which can then be analysed to help improve airline performance.

skybook aviation software


Bespoke airline E-Forms

Creating an airline e-form within form builder couldn’t be any easier. It is simply a case of using a drag and drop system to add form components, which can then be customised with different properties. This flexible approach allows users to create many types of forms that fit the airlines requirements, such as air safety reports or onboard incident forms.

Sometimes there might be certain regulations in place meaning that the interactive digital form needs to look exactly like the pdf or paper-based version. If that’s the case, then our developers can create the specific forms exactly to those requirements.  

 e-forms for digital airline operations


Create, manage and share

All airline forms are stored and managed within the form builder module and can easily be modified if there are any future changes needed, to fit with future stipulation. It can also be used by anyone within the airline operations who has access to the skybook web-based software.

Form builder removes the need for any external support as it is exceptionally user friendly. Once happy with the form after previewing it; you can then simply share it to the EFB devices ready for the pilots or anyone else.

Of course, the option is always still there to print a version off, should you ever need to…

 e-forms for efb

See how form builder fits with your operations

Get in touch today to try out our digital form builder or better still try the whole skybook package, featuring many other popular modules such as flight tracking or our flight analytics module.


By Dan Cook | 07 Dec 2021

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