By Dan Cook | 07 Dec 2021

Digital airline forms with form builder & EFB


Are your pilots currently receiving paper-based airline forms or forms that are inefficient and involve manual reporting.

Do you have multiple people across operations creating different forms in various software; leading to forms all over the place, making it a nightmare for the audit process.

Let's introduce you to Form Builder, for connecting the pilots EFB workflow...

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Form Builder is an e-forms solution for airlines, allowing flight operations to create darg & drop digital forms that can be sent to the electronic flight bag for the pilots to input; therefore streamlining their flight deck workflow.

The information is synced back to the ground system and is saved within our flight data storage known as Record Vault, where the eForms can be reported on or for accessing historic data.

All created forms are kept in one place for improved auditing reports and can be edited at any time or shared to other departments, as well as to EFB devices.

Our digital forms module comes with the skybook dispatch & EFB software package. However, if you do only require the form builder purely as a standalone system then lets arrange a chat.

electronic forms for pilots using an efb app

What is skybook?

Just in case you are new to skybook then below is a very brief overview…

skybook is a data management system that integrates with 3rd parties to provide a complete solution for streamlining flight operations, saving huge time and costs. It comprises of an EFB and Ground Portal.

The web-based ground portal is used by flight dispatch and ops teams to automate flight briefings, dispatch process, monitor flights, analyse flight data and so much more.

The Electronic flight bag is an app that is used by airline pilots for their flight briefing and journey logging. All the data is synced back to the ground portal for storage, and using our flight analysis to find trends and improve performance.

skybook aviation software for dispatchers and pilots efb solution


Bespoke airline E-Forms for flight operations

Creating an airline e-form within form builder is super easy! Using drag & drop functionality to add form elements, which can then be customised.

This flexible approach allows users to create many types of forms that fit the airlines specific requirements, such as air safety reports or onboard incident forms.  

e-forms for digital flight operations

Create, manage & share forms

All airline forms are stored and managed within the form builder system and can be edited if there are any future changes, to fit with future requirements. Designated users can be assigned to keep control of what electronic forms are being created.

Form builder removes the need for any printing! Once happy with the custom form, simply share it to the EFB devices ready for the pilots or any other flight crew.

Of course, the option is always there to print the forms, if you really need to.

Want to try out form builder?

Get in touch today and see form builder in action, we can even arrange a 30 day trial. 

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By Dan Cook | 07 Dec 2021

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