By Dan Cook | 21 Mar 2022

More reasons for paperless pilots & airlines


In case you have not heard of skybook, the commercial aviation software which is used by over 90 airlines and operators all over the world. Then below is a brief overview, and some of the latest features that are helping pilots to go paperless and airlines to go more digital.

skybook by Bytron Aviation Systems comprises of two key parts. The web-based ground portal which is predominantly used by flight dispatchers and flight operations. Mainly to create flight briefings, monitor their flights, analyse flight data, manage documents and so much more.

Secondly, the industry leading electronic flight bag application helping to create paperless pilots. This is used by airline pilots to view and approve an interactive crew briefing and input vital flight information pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight. This digital flight data can then be analysed afterwards, to help improve airline performance.


Paperless airline forms with Form Builder

Do you have multiple staff across departments creating different forms in various programs; leading to forms in different locations and computers, being printed off and making it difficult to keep an audit trail? 

Time to introduce you to the skybook Form Builder module, helping airlines go paperless.

digital airline forms

Form Builder allows operators to create custom interactive forms. These digital airline forms can be managed in one place for auditing control and shared to other departments or to the EFB app for First Officers and Pilots to complete.

This allows for many types of aviation forms to be created such as Air safety reports, commander reports, aircraft tech logs and crew reports. All consistent and controlled in one system, leading to less paper!

Creating a form is as easy as drag and drop and it removes the need for any external support, as it is exceptionally user friendly. Once the user is happy with the form after previewing it; it can then by shared to the pilots EFB device or anyone else around the airline.

 Of course, the option is always still avalable to print a version off, should you ever need to…

airline digital forms

Digital Document Management Library 

Our Document Management Library really is a game changer for any airlines looking for cost saving efficiencies and to fully go paperless..

Simply put, it is digital central library to store and distribute aircraft manuals, operational documents and more. Giving pilots easy access to documents via the electronic flight bag, as well as dispatchers and operational staff via the web-based Ground Portal.

digital aircraft manuals

All digital documents are managed and updated within a simple folder structure. This means pilots are only using the most up-to-date aircraft documents they need for each flight. By reducing the reliance for paper based aircraft manuals, pilots save space in the cockpit and potentially reduce weight on the aircrafts.

Using the document manager on the EFB, pilots or crew member can also annotate, highlight and make notes on any documents or aircraft manuals that have been downloaded.

These annotations are visible to other team members, so everyone is aware of any vital information that is highlighted or needs changing.

paperless airlines

Not forgetting other reasons airlines go paperless

Of course there are many other reasons why operators choose skybook to create a paperless airline. With one of the main reason being because using the electronic flight bag for things like crew briefing and integrating all the OFP data and other third party systems, massively speeds up processes on flight deck.

To support your airline or aviation businesses decision to embrace digital, here are some paperless cockpit requirement tips.

To learn more about our skybook aviation software visit and find out exactly what is an EFB?


By Dan Cook | 21 Mar 2022

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