Paperless cockpit requirements

By | 19 Jul 2019

It's no secret that introducing an EFB onto the flight deck is far from easy, especially if you are embracing a fully digital platform and upgrading from paper-based systems.

Prior to entry into operation of an Electronic Flight Bag system, we strongly recommend that operators leave no stone unturned when it comes to understanding all of the problems an EFB can help to address and resolve, along with all of the operational opportunities and benefits that can be realised by introducing this technology on the flight deck.

We recommend you carry out an in-depth risk assessment in-line with the regulations of your countrys rule to implement a management system. The assessment should form part of a hazard identification and risk management process and should ideally be defined before progressing the EFB project. The following points should be taken into consideration:

  • Evaluate the risks associated with the use of an Electronic Flight Bag and define the appropriate mitigation

  • Identify potential losses of function or malfunction and the associated failure scenarios

  • Analyse the operational consequences of these failure scenarios

  • Establish mitigating measures

  • Ensure that the EFB system hardware and software achieves at least the same level of accessibility, usability and reliability as the means of presentation it replaces

  • Ensure that the complete failure of the Electronic Flight Bag has been assessed and the risks mitigated to an acceptable level 

 Watch how the Electronic Flight Bag works


When the EFB system is intended for introduction alongside a paper-based system, only the failures that would not be mitigated by the paper-based system need to be addressed. Where a paperless entry-into-service of a new EFB system is intended, a complete risk assessment should be carried out.

Ideally, identify the Electronic Flight Bag solution that best meets your requirements. Trial it to ensure it delivers what is needed and to also firm up the configuration you require in order to progress to live status.

Working with the right solution provider can take a lot of the strain away from implementing all new technology.

We have a great deal of experience when it comes to delivering standards compliant, technology solutions proven to make a significant impact to flight operations, dispatch and the flight deck and we are happy to share this experience.

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By | 19 Jul 2019

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