By Dan Cook | 14 Oct 2021

90+ Operators using skybook aviation software & EFB

Over the last 2 years the aviation and airline industry has undoubtedly come to a temporary halt due to the unforeseen circumstances.

However, here at Bytron Aviation Systems the past 2 years we have seen an incredible amount of success and growth. We now have over 90 airlines and operators ranging from Military, Cargo, Commercial and Charter. Our customers cover six continents all over the world, actively using our aviation software and services. Whilst our united team continues to grow.

The growth is largely due to the innovative flight operations and EFB aviation software, known as skybook. Also our renowned strong levels of customer service and technical support, of which we have a 99.99% uptime guarantee for our aviation software!

With our ongoing user experience design, development and testing team, we are always pushing the aspirational boundaries of what is achievable with our EFB aviation software and flight dispatch modules.

 infographic of skybook software success


Leaders of integrated EFB aviation software

What makes us global leaders when it comes to aviation software and our EFB app is our innovative development roadmap and bimonthly release cycles of skybook.

We are due to release our highly anticipated Reporting & Analytics module in December, which will allow any airline department to access the EFB flight data in one place and make better analytical judgements based on the performance.

One key factor for our success is the ability to be able to fully integrate skybook with other systems seamlessly, connecting the management of flight data. There is nothing else as versatile as skybook on the market!

Thanks to the close relationships the account managers have with their customers and experienced professionals within the aviation industry; we are able to really understand what a commercial pilot requires next from an EFB and what a flight operators pains are when it comes to managing flight information.


Efficient flight operations all over the world

Skybook is now in operation across 51 countries and our Visionary Shane Spencer is confident that over 2500 aircraft will be using skybook within the new year. Having smashed our business targets this year, we are well on track to reach our ten-year target.

To support this we have successfully achieved an ISO 9001 accreditation for our management system, which passed first time with flying colours. This demonstrates that we are structurally well prepared for the future growth and development of the company.

Looking for an EFB aviation solution?

Our flight path for skybook ground portal and our EFB app sure looks clear and on track to reaching new heights within aviation software! To find out more about skybook, get in touch or book a demo.


By Dan Cook | 14 Oct 2021

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