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Who benefits from using skybook in your airline?

Airline flight with skybook

  For airlines, the motto absolutely has to be ‘safety first’. There can be no margin for error. Flight Operations teams and Dispatchers are under immense pressure to provide the crew with absolutely accurate information covering everything from weather and NOTAM data to the weight of the aircraft before take-off. This means collating huge amounts of data, taking into account th...

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How Airlines Can Safeguard Against Passenger Compensation Payouts for Delayed Flights

Airline software

  There was an interesting Telegraph article a few weeks ago about the recent ruling that aircraft operators will have to become more transparent and accommodating regarding passenger compensation payouts in the future. The legislation has been described as a landmark decision that will ‘prevent airlines from wriggling out of payouts by blaming delays on extraordinary circumstances&rs...

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Aircraft Turnaround or Aircraft Turnround?

Aircraft Turnaround

There is an ongoing debate between our marketing and technical team regarding the use of the terms ‘aircraft turnround’ or ‘aircraft turnaround’ to describe our skylightES software, and as it happens, it’s actually quite a common issue. While the two terms are essentially conveying the same thing (the process of ground handling operations occurring when a flight arri...

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AirTanker are now using skybook aviation cloud

Airtanker now using skybook aviation

We are delighted to announce that skybook has been adopted by global aerospace leading partnership, AirTanker, for use across their entire fleet of civilian and military registered aircraft. AirTanker provides an invaluable service to the RAF’s operation of the Voyage aircraft, and is responsible for everything from aircraft delivery to crew training and dispatch. With this in mind, Ai...

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What to expect from Bytron in 2015

Ground Handlers

  2014 has been a period of change for Bytron Aviation Systems. We’ve expanded our customer base, significantly grown our team and developed a suite of new aviation software products, setting the wheels in motion for a successful era helping organisations at the forefront of aviation throughout 2015 and beyond. However, thinking about the short term as New Year is fast approaching, th...

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