By Shane Spencer | 28 Apr 2021

EASA recommendation for skybook EFB


We are delighted to announce that our skybook EFB application now comes with much coveted EASA recommendation for use following months of work that saw the EASA team evaluate all aspects of our Electronic Flight Bag application in great detail.

The skybook flight operations software has been praised for its innovative and unique interfaces on many occasions because it is highly effective in addressing real time flight deck challenges for airline operators all over the world. We know it, our airline customers know and now EASA has been able to experience this first hand as well.


Innovative EFB for pilots across the world

With EASA carrying such a heavy weight behind it, gaining their approval for the skybook EFB helps take our ipad application to the next level. The EFB is the smarter way to record flight data with the use of digital flight briefing, journey log and crew reports.

When combined with the new user interfacing, our brand new Global Mapping and Form Builder applications becomes the single point of recording flight data for pilots. You can see why our application is pilots and airline operators choice from over 200 countries worldwide! 

Shane Spencer, Bytron MD said: “This is great news for us and comes off the back of a long period of hard work with the team at EASA.“

We know how vital it is for airlines and operators to have confidence in products they implement. Having EASA verify and recommend to authorities for operational approval of our EFB ipad application shows how comprehensive, reliable and useable it really is on the flight deck. And above all, it demonstrates the role our application will play in helping improve flight safety by reducing airline workloads and improving the flight briefing process for pilots.


The airline operator software of choice

For operators looking to implement a EFB software for the first time, make the switch to digital flight briefings or upgrade what is currently in place. Having EASA approval alongside the many examples of regulatory approvals skybook has already gained around the world really shows why skybook is the aviation software of choice for so many airlines already and you don’t just need to take our word for that. See what Fly Dubai had to say flight operations software.

Learn more about our electronic flight bag with this user overview of the easy-to-use ipad app.

It’s understandable that this fantastic news will make you hungry for more information on skybook so contact us via and we arrange a call to start your journey to improve the efficiency of your airline operations.


By Shane Spencer | 28 Apr 2021

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