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Inside Bytron: An Interview with Simon Clayton

How did Bytron get started?

Bytron was formed in 1984 by a long-haul pilot looking for a solution to the constant challenge of inconsistent crew briefings. Our first solution, however, was the first computerised ATC system in the UK which was light years ahead at the time, and our pilot flight briefing system actually came out the following year and we have followed the same innovative problem centered approach to developing solutions ever since.


What is the attraction of aircraft-related software?  

The constant challenge as the industry pushes for new ways to be more efficient across so many aspects. This is why we are so proud that our software makes a real difference for our customers by helping them drive improvements across safety, efficiency and reduction in their carbon footprints


What is the guiding business principle that drives Bytron?

Our guiding principles are the core values of our company which are weaved through everything we do. These being United, Professional, Aspirational, Innovative and Driven. Each and every member of our team demonstrate these strong attributes daily and we are hugely proud of our values. They set us aside from other companies and they drive us forward to achieve our collective vision as a business.

If I could home in on just one though it would be the innovation strand as all too often companies talk about it but rarely deliver it. We know that innovation comes in many forms and we are constantly challenging ourselves to find new and better ways of delivering what our customers and the wider industry needs. It’s not about constant reinvention, it’s about a state of mind and challenging the status quo – something we love to do at Bytron.


What has been Bytron’s greatest technical achievement to date, and why?

Although there are a number of technical achievements that I’m hugely proud of at Bytron, I would have to choose skybook as our most effective to date as there simply isn’t another solution our there as flexible, comprehensive, configurable or integrated as our skybook range. Plus, I know what’s on the horizon and this makes me very excited indeed…


What has been Bytron’s greatest business achievement to date, and why?

I would have to say that our partnership with Boeing Global has been our greatest business achievement to date and it makes us immensely proud to have skybook at the heart of Boeing’s supply chain and playing a vital role in helping their customers and products benefit from our knowledge and expertise. It’s a partnership that is simply going from strength to strength.


What have been Bytron’s disappointments and what have you learned from them?

It’s not really a disappointment, however, when the iPad was first released, we recognised that this was the future of cockpit EFBs.  At the time EFB technology was new and we didn’t have the weight in the marketplace to maximise on our development efforts, but we sure did disrupt the market at the time!


In a sentence, how would you summarize what Bytron does for aviation customers?

Bytron Aviation Systems help operators to drive efficiency, improve data management and performance through fully automated connected platforms spanning flight operations and dispatch, flight deck and maintenance.


What is new on Bytron’s development horizon?

It’s a busy year ahead for us at Bytron as we prepare to launch new reporting modules, a document library, improved Airfield Watch and Flight Tracking, eTech Log and much more besides. It’s also the year that we will continue our push towards the fully connected cockpit, more on this later next year.


What will be the next big thing in Aviation IT?

I think it’s clear to see what’s on the horizon in our industry in terms of making air travel more accessible locally, further automation and digitization through intelligent platforms but I think the biggest priority for us all across the industry has to be the continued drive to bring emissions down as we all have a big part to play in becoming carbon neutral – something we are working towards at Bytron.


What do you want your customers to say about Bytron?

The biggest reward for us is to know that our customers would recommend Bytron, our products and our services to others in the industry. When this happens, we know we are getting it right!


To learn more about Bytron Aviation Systems head over to our About Us page!


By | 16 Aug 2021

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