By Dan Cook | 27 Feb 2023

METAR & TAF decoder specific to your airfleet routes

How do operation control centres and flight operations effectively monitor live METAR, TAF and NOTAM data, without being overloaded by information or inefficiently using too many resources?

Have you heard of Airfield Watch?

Airfield Watch is a visual METAR & TAF decoder that focuses only on the specific airports and airfields that are of interest to operators flights. Giving flight dispatchers and OCC managers instant situational awareness of any real-time critical weather issues that could be affecting their aircraft during their flight watch priorities.


Safety first with efficient flight watch

Flight dispatchers are a major safety component to airline operations, especially during flight watch. Having an efficient system to monitor critical weather issues and save time not looking at multiple systems, can make a huge difference to flight safety.

Here is an example of how Airfield Watch’s METAR & TAF decoder can support operators in quickly identifying critical issues:

‘If a certain airport issued a runway condition report indicating the entire surface was 100% ice covered. The condition is not expected to improve due to continued poor weather. In a situation like this, regardless of when the passengers ultimately are notified of the cancellation, the Flight Dispatcher has exercised Operational Control by not releasing the OFP and the flight will not be operated until conditions reach an acceptable level at the recommendation of the Flight Dispatcher.’ Information Source 


Easy to view METAR, TAF & NOTAM decoder

All relevant airports and airfields are visualised as a simple graphic that shows the warning level of weather and NOTAM. These are shown as: ok, warning, or critical; and are based on the agreed operating minima levels according to the airlines requirements, which can be easily adjusted at any time.

Each graphic decodes the METAR and TAF to give an instant situational awareness of cloud ceiling, visibility, wind speed & gust and runway visual range; as well as weather status and NOTAM data.

Clicking onto a graphic allows operators to see a more detailed view of the METAR & TAF decoded data. Enabling operators to pinpoint the main issues that may affect their live flights. This includes weather trends from the last 48 hours and combined with NOTAM watch, allows for filtered NOTAM data and automated critical alerts. Airfields can also be grouped together to include departure, alternates or arrival airports. 

custom airfield views

Very quick to implement

It is easy to disregard implementing aviation software due to the thought of changing a current process or if it becomes a large project.

However, Airfield Watch is a cloud-based product, making it really quick to implement and can actually be used almost instantly! With just a few configuration options to set up for the airline, and all of the live decoded METAR & TAF data feeds directly from the UK MET Office & NOAA.

The standalone module is part of the skybook aviation cloud which is an end-to-end flight operations system that provides dispatch, flight briefing and EFB solutions. 

Are you manually sharing NOTAM alerts?

NOTAM Watch works hand in hand with the Airfield watch system, to automatically distribute critical NOTAM email alerts to specific flight crew, OCC and anyone in Flight operations. No more manual processing and searching for NOTAM updates! Check out how easy it is to use: 


Let's help support Flight Watch

Flight watch priorities would not be complete without Airfield Watch capabilities and also a GADSS compliant Flight Tracking system. Why not arrange a demonstration to see how our aviation software might be able to streamline your flight operations.

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By Dan Cook | 27 Feb 2023

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