Airfield Watch

Airfield Situation Monitoring

Airfield Watch is a dynamic weather & NOTAM monitoring system designed in response to the ever-growing challenge of monitoring the status of airports across the globe.

Airfield Watch

Real-time information for real-time decision making

Airfield Watch allows you to view weather and NOTAM updates for multiple airfields

Atmospheric conditions are continually changing and keeping track of these developments is becoming increasingly difficult. The manual inspection of meteorological and NOTAM information is both time-consuming and costly.

The skybook Airfield Watch module is fully configurable and constructed to save time and reduce labour costs. It monitors all airfields significant to daily operations and provides updates instantly giving the user complete situational awareness.

The module pulls the latest data from industry recognised sources such as The Met Office, NOAA and EUROCONTROL, ensuring real-time information affects real-time decisions. Flagged issues based on minima settings are immediately displayed on-screen, making it easier than ever before to observe weather forecasts and plan accordingly.

Airfield Watch is web-based and can be run as a stand-alone or as part of the more extensive skybook package.

Airfield Watch allows you to view weather and NOTAM updates for multiple airfields

Dynamic weather and NOTAM monitoring

Keep abreast of evolving weather conditions

Airfield Watch allows you to view METAR, TAF or Both data charts

Airfield Watch exhibits a clear picture of the METAR, TAF and NOTAM for all airfields of interest.

Simple graphics display essential weather specifications including Cloud Ceiling, Visibility, RVR and Wind Speed and Gust. Weather codes and NOTAM subjects are checked and presented graphically.

Airfield Watch allows full access to an aerodrome's METAR, TAF, SNOWTAM, Trends and NOTAM information by simply clicking on it.

Airfield Watch allows you to view METAR, TAF or Both data charts

Track smarter with airfield groups

Accessible viewing of all significant airfields

Airfield Watch allows you to group airfields

Weather and NOTAM information has never been this accessible. Create custom groups to monitor providing you with complete situational awareness of any applicable airfield.

Airfield watch groups the departure, destination and alternate airfields automatically from flight plans received.

Airfield Watch allows you to group airfields

Configure weather minima parameters

Providing better airport situational awareness

You can modify Minima settings to change what displays as a warning

Airfield Watch alerts any significant changes at monitored airfields based on sets of minima parameters.

A general set of minima monitors all airfields, while custom minima for category A, B and C airports and individual minima for tricky aviation fields with special requirements.

The traditional red, amber, green sequence simplifies weather and NOTAM monitoring further, giving you all the tools for improved reactions.

You can modify Minima settings to change what displays as a warning
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