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Journey Log

skybook allows for the recording of Journey Log information such as block times, fuel usage, de-icing, ground services, delay records and commander's reports.

skybook stores all planned and actual flight data, providing you with a valuable repository of information that you can use to analyse your operational performance.

Journey Log overview

Our Journey Log module allows your crew to record their voyage information digitally, removing the need for reliance on outdated paper copy that is difficult to extract useful information from. All information is recorded within the skybook flight record vault and once the commander has signed the voyage off, it is then available for anyone with the correct privileges to report on and analyse.

Crew can record delays, de-icing activity, ground services, crew, fuel & waypoint information as well as commander's reports.

companion app journey log

Flight record vault

  • The Flight record vault stores your planned and actual flight data to give you valuable and measurable insights into your performance
  • Compare your planned flight data with the actuals recorded by the commander to gain valuable insights into where process improvements can be made
  • Compare your planned fuel burns from your OFP with the actual fuel burns recorded by the commander
  • Compare planned sector times with actuals, to identify airfields where you are incurring the most delays
  • What you get out of skybook's Reporting & Analytics module is measurable insights into your flight data that are invaluable when it comes to making informed future decisions

The Journey Log process

Journey log information can be recorded at any time and is added to the skybook record vault for reporting and analysis by anyone with the correct privileges.

companion app flight crew


Displays a list of crew members rostered to a sector and allows the commander to alter the crew and their duty times. Crew information is obtained from either the airlines crew rostering system via the skybook API or entered manually. The commander can record extension of duty periods within this module.

companion app de-icing


Multiple de-icing records can be recorded. Items that are entered for each record include:

  • Date and time of de-icing activity
  • Area of aircraft de-iced
  • Type of fluid and mix
  • Temperature
  • Cost
companion app flight scheduling


Delays can be accounted for, these delays can be either departure or arrival delays. Users can select a standard delay code, enter a delay duration and supply a description of the issue causing the delay. Multiple delay records can be recorded.

journey log reports


Allows the crew to record reports that will be distributed to various departments on the ground.

  • Date and time of incident
  • Phase of flight
  • Night, day, twilight
  • ASR, MOR required
  • Title of report
  • Description of report
  • Type of report
journey log data

Ground services

Any number of ground service activities can be recorded such as:

  • GPU used
  • Pushback used
  • Water uploaded
  • Cleaning undertaken
  • Cost
journey log form builder

Form Builder

Our form builder allows you to create any form, enabling custom data to be recorded into the flight record vault. You can choose from a standard set of input boxes to design your form and enter validation parameters.

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