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ETOPS Charts

It is important to be fully prepared for an ETOPS flight by creating ETOPS charts automatically from your optimised flight plan. These charts allow you to comply with standards, aid flight planning and increase understanding of diversion airports on your route that are relevant for your aircraft.

Historically, this is often a manual process drawn out on blank plotting chart which cover a fixed geographical area which often does not offer the best fit for the route. In addition to the cost of these paper charts in both purchase and supply to flight briefing units they can consume valuable pre-departure time for your team. Through skybook we can automate the production of ETOPS charts. These automated charts are based on the flight plan produced by your Flight Planning system. Thus, these cover the exact geographical area relevant to your theater of operation and save hours of manual plotting. In addition to the basic requirements our solution comes with the ability to add custom elements such as:

  • No-fly-zone areas
  • Data-entry boxes
  • Exit routes
  • Grey-overlay for areas outside of the theater of interest
  • Additional range rings around point of interest
  • Company filtered airfields

Intelligent ETOPS flight planning

Automatically generate ETOPS Charts tailored to your flight plans depicting key data such as range rings, alternates and equal time points for your ETOPS flights. Your charts also contain overlays for clear air turbulence, snow line and tracks.

No matter what flight planning system you are currently using, we can integrate our software to create your ETOPS charts allowing you to benefit from an automated process.

Once integrated our skybook system receives your flight plan and extracts the relevant information to generate your ETOPS charts. This could include routing information, ETOPS Alternates (ERAs), Equal Time Points (ETPs) and ETOPS Rule Time. skybook uses all of this information to automatically generate a route plot saving you the time of manually going through the process reducing the chance of errors and saving time.

Once generated the ETOPS charts are made available via the dispatch module for the dispatchers and through the briefing pack and companion app for the crew. These can be received via email, FTP or through web services. Within the dispatch module you can easily identify your ETOPS flights through the dashboard screen and quickly preview the ETOPS graphs if required.

skybook automated etops charts
skybook digital etops charts

Portable and reliable

All ETOPS Charts generated can be downloaded digitally to take on-board with you for easy access, or printed in various sizes (A3, A4, letter size) to suit your specific requirements and hardware. We understand it can be hard to print these maps on an A4 printer so have designed the map to be clearly split onto multiple pages, showing greater detail, clear information and giving you the ability easily bring the pages together to see the full ETOPS chart.

The charts we produce have been approved by various CAA's worldwide and we were the first to be approved for the automatic production of ETOPS Charts by the UK CAA and French DAAC.

We make regular checks to see if new flight plans or changes to flight plans have been made and will automatically update our database as soon as we receive the data, no delay or waiting. If the briefing pack has already been generated an the flight plan changes then notifications will be sent to alert the required people involved.

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