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Flight Briefing

A part of the Flight Operations Portal is the skybook Flight Briefing software allowing you to manage your Flight Briefing process efficiently before departure. skybook collates and analyses Flight Briefing material quickly and intelligently, automatically alerting your crew to any information that is operationally significant, relevant to them, specific to their fleet or on general release.

The Flight Briefing module allows crew to obtain a full briefing pack that has been accredited by numerous airlines, CAA's and passed IOSA audits. Packs are tailored to the route being flown with only relevant information being presented to the crew. Information is laid out in a clear and concise manner with critical information being highlighted to the crew. Crew find the information easy to read and digest allowing this part of the pre-flight briefing to take less time allowing turnaround times to be reduced or effort to be re-focused onto other areas of pre-flight.

Narrow route briefing

skybook narrow route flight briefing

skybook generates narrow route briefings that are based on the route defined in your flight plans. These briefings contain METARS, TAFS, Airfield and FIR NOTAM, Upper Wind and Temperature Charts, SigWX charts, SIGMETS, Operational Notices and route plots including ETOPS. We can integrate directly into your flight planning supplier or you can manually upload plans via the system.

Our advanced filtering options are what make the narrow route briefing module stand out from our competitors with the ability to exclude, include and highlight certain data that’s relevant to you.

The advanced filtering is available for MET, TAF, NOTAM and charts to reduce the pack size. This gives administrators the flexibility to exclude regions/airfields or equally include regions/airfields of interest. Additionally, long standing NOTAMS can be suppressed after a number of days so they do not become repetitive.

skybook can intelligently highlight NOTAMs that contain particular Q codes that based on a warning or critical alert criteria. The advanced filter setting can also exclude against certain Q codes as needed.

A summary sheet is presented with the briefing pack to clearly show flight deck users which filters have been applied along with critical information the system has highlighted. If any flight deck users were interested in the filtered NOTAMs they can search within the planning portal of skybook.

Crew briefings can be exported into PDF so they can be saved digitally, emailed or printed into a hard copy. Dispatch operations are then notified once a crew member has taken a briefing pack.

We receive our NOTAM feeds directly from Eurocontrol and have an in-house AIS data quality control team monitoring all of our data feeds and report issues with feed providers.

skybook crew briefing system

Briefing planning portal

The flight briefing portal allows ops staff and crew to access briefing information that can be used for planning. This module provides access to:

  • Raw METAR & TAF
  • Decoded METAR & TAF
  • Airfield & FIR NOTAM
  • Satellite Imagery
  • Charts
  • Tracks

Operational notices / digital library

Using skybook it's easy to create, maintain and distribute Flight Crew Notices (FCN), Flight Safety Notices (FSN), Cabin Crew Notices (CCN) and more depending on your requirements. skybook also automatically alerts your flight crew to any notices or documents that are relevant to them.

You can create and maintain your digital libraries for upload using in-house word processing and publishing software, and download and import third-party digital libraries such as Airbus, Boeing, JARS, CAA and IATA.

  • Target notices by; General Release, Airfield(s), FIR(s), Fleet, City Pair, Flight Number, POD or POA
  • Automatically appended to flight briefing pack
skybook flight briefing crew notices
skybook flight briefing record vault

Flight record vault

skybook's data repository can be configured to store data for as long as you require; 3 months, 1 year or even 10 years! We hold all the data for the flight including a PDF pack archive from the time the crew retrieved the brief and a copy of the raw data at the time flight dispatch released the flight. skybook API allows airlines to export the archive records enabling them to store them locally if required.

  • The Flight record vault stores your planned and actual flight data to give you valuable and measurable insights into your performance
  • Compare your planned flight data with the actuals recorded by the commander to gain valuable insights into where process improvements can be made
  • Compare your planned fuel burns from your OFP with the actual fuel burns recorded by the commander
  • Compare planned sector times with actuals, to identify airfields where you are incurring the most delays
  • What you get out of skybook's Reporting & Analytics module is measurable insights into your flight data that are invaluable when it comes to making informed future decisions

Flight briefing pack templates

The Pack Templates section allows the creation of producing briefing packs from pre-defined templates. Pack Templates allows the ability to produce Adhoc briefing without an OFP.

Typical scenario you could use this for are: non-standard operations such as training missions, circuits, use by ground handlers or airfields wanting to provide a briefing service to airlines/pilots.

Templates are created by entering Airfields and FIRs of interest with the option of including NAT Tracks and any applicable weather charts by region. Once a template has been created the user will then be able to search, retrieve and print a briefing pack based on the template which will contain the following:

  • Metar and TAF
  • Weather Charts
  • NAT Tracks

The briefing pack can then be exported to PDF allowing you the ability to print or email like any other PDF document.

flight briefing pack templates flight briefing pack templates flight briefing pack templates flight briefing pack templates

Browsing tools

automated etops flight planning

Flight planning

skybook automatically processes ETOPS information from your flight plans and overlays ETPs, tracks and significant weather to produce truly automated ETOPS route plots.

flight briefing planning portal

Planning portal

Allows for the viewing of METAR, TAF, NOTAM and SNOWTAM for individual airfields.

aviation weather charts

Weather charts

Provides access to Upper Wind and Temperature, Significant Weather, Surface Prognosis Charts.

flight plan checking

Flight plan re-file checking

skybook actively monitors the filed flight plans and if there are any significant changes made to the plan, the crew and ops are notified by SMS and email.

satellite images flight briefing

Satellite imagery

Allows for the viewing of a series of World satellite images.

flight briefing mapping

Mapping / following

Visualise your sectors on the map and get situational awareness of the weather and NOTAM situation.

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