Flight Operations Portal

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skybook is our flagship software system that makes full use of our industry understanding, our unique automation, system integration and unrivalled data sets and the Flight Operations Portal is at the centre of it all.

The Flight Operations Portal is the home of skybook's modules and also powers our Companion App, giving you the virtual base needed to quickly and easily import, access, review, interact with and share all of the information and briefing material you need for the daily flights you have stored within skybook.


Simple and intuitive to use from start to finish, skybook delivers a user experience that surpasses other systems, enhancing flight operations by:

save time and improve efficiency

Saving time, improving efficiency

All vital flight information can be accessed and shared via a single portal at the click of a button.

seamless data delivery

Seamless data delivery

skybook continuously ingests, validates, decodes and highlights the data needed for every sector.

increased accountability

Increased accountability

You can see at a glance when a voyage has been created, when sectors have been accepted and briefings taken.

reduce carbon footprints

Reduce carbon footprints

Replace outdated paper based briefings with skybook's' detailed class leading digital briefings.

improve user access

Improved user access

skybook can be accessed wherever you are via any internet connected mobile device.

save money

Save money

Every module of skybook has been engineered to work faster and smarter with seamless integrations and intelligent automation.

Our Flight Operations Portal provides a seamless interface for dispatch teams, crews and management, providing single click access to every skybook module and all of the data stored within.

Flight Dispatch

Already proven in the field, skybook's Flight Dispatch module is the number one choice for numerous operators across the globe in commercial, military, cargo and charter sectors.

Configured specifically to each airline to display the most important details, the dispatch module delivers a detailed, intuitive, easy to follow, interactive overview of daily flight operations, displaying in-depth information for each flight and sector.

Automatically tracking the dispatch process, skybook identifies and highlights important milestones, helping to ensure that each flight departs on time.

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Flight Briefing

skybook provides a detailed yet easy to follow, standardised flight briefing pack that has been accredited by numerous airlines, CAA's and passed IOSA audits.

Each briefing pack is created in accordance with the operator preferences established during initial configuration, helping to ensure the detail featured within the pack is both concise and accurate for the sectors being flown.

This reduces pack sizes and more importantly, ensures crews get the detail that is of most significance and timeliness for their flights.

Downloadable as digital PDF's that can be accessed on any internet connected device, skybook flight briefings are the first step in creating a paperless briefing environment.

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