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Digital Briefing

The Digital Briefing software is similar to our Flight Briefing software but enables you to access the Flight Briefing materials across any internet enabled device. This gives you greater flexibility and the chance to get real-time information and reduce admin overheads.

The Digital Briefing software is part of our Companion App and enables you to see Flight Briefing material quickly and intelligently, automatically alerting your crew to any information that is operationally significant and relevant to them. It also provides the ability to digitally record information as events happen.

Digital Briefing overview

This Digital Briefing module has been designed for greater flexibility, allowing the reduction of printed material and faster updates back to your operations team. The software can be accessed on a tablet device and once the flight pack is downloaded you can access all of the information you need offline.

Information can be entered into the Digital Briefing software in real-time and provides all of the essential flight pack data. The flight record vault enables you to store the planned and actual flight data giving you valuable insights into the performance.

Once the flight is complete a summary is collated with the ability to add additional notes and then upload this straight back into the skybook system, giving your operations team immediate visibility.

companion app digital briefing

Additional Features

  • Advanced filtering available for MET, TAF, NOTAM and Charts
  • Highlighting for breach in Weather Minima, WX and NOTAM Q Code
  • Ability to include (and exclude) additional Airfields and NOTAM not included in flight plan
  • Dispatch Operations are notified once a crew member has taken a briefing pack
  • Ability to bookmark relevant information to easily retrieve at a later date
  • User friendly navigation and decoded MET and TAF
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