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Aviation innovations for 2018 and beyond...

The pace of development and innovation throughout the aviation industry is relentless, but innovation is in our DNA and our aviation development roadmap highlights what is on the horizon for skybook this year and beyond.

skybook User Interface Improvements

UI Improvements

Our clients tell us the skybook User Interface is already one of the best in the business, mixing intuitive and familiar functionality with simple and direct navigation...

So why change it? In short, to make it even better by making navigation even easier. UI improvements have been added to our aviation development roadmap to improve the layout, ensuring it is clear and responsive on all platforms, and to help skybook users get the information they need with minimal effort.

Flight Following

By November of 2018, all airlines need to know where each of their aircraft are while in flight, at 15-minute intervals during normal operations.

By 2021, ICAO recommends that each new aircraft coming off the production line must have the ability to autonomously broadcast its position at intervals of one minute or less, should it enter a distress mode.

We’re telling you something you no doubt already know, but the question is, where will this information end up?

One of our most important upcoming aviation innovations, our all new Flight Following module is due for launch in August having already been tested by our operational development partners. Engineered to make full use of real-time flight tracking, mixed with skybook's award winning situational awareness information to show emerging airfield weather and NOTAM issues that could impact on your flight window.

The instant something changes that affects your flights, you’ll know about it.

skybook Flight Following is going to be a true game changer.



Our EFB App already captures comprehensive aircraft flight sector data but wouldn’t it be great if it also captured technical data as well.

That’s exactly what we thought and that’s what our E-Tech Log will deliver, allowing aircrew to capture aircraft information and defects, feeding the data directly back to engineering teams on the ground as it’s recorded.

Another excellent example of skybook removing the need for paper-based recording, speeding up the reporting process and accountability.

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Reporting and Analytics Module

How can you improve on your airline operations without understanding actual performance?

The simple answer is you can’t, and that’s why we are working hard to deliver our all new reporting and analytics module that will take every piece of data recorded within skybook and generate detailed and accurate information to help reporting and decision making.

We understand the challenges faced by operators across all aviation sectors and that’s why we have added this module to our aviation development roadmap, working with our clients and listening to the avaiation industry to ensure our new reporting module generates the information needed to drive down costs, to improve efficiency and performance and to help our clients deliver their objectives.

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