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Aviation innovations for 2021 and beyond...

The pace of development and innovation throughout the aviation industry is relentless, but innovation is in our DNA and our aviation development roadmap highlights what is on the horizon for skybook this year and beyond.



Our Electronic Flight Bag app already leads the way when it comes to crew briefing and recording of journey log data through our user friendly intuitive digital platform for the aircrews to use during each flight phase so imagine this award winning technology as the basis for a fully digital integrated tech log as well?

That’s exactly what we thought and that’s what our e-Tech Log will deliver, allowing aircrew to capture aircraft information and defects, feeding the data directly back to engineering teams on the ground as it’s recorded.

Our e-Tech Log will help airlines replace outdated paper based technical logs with a user-friendly intuitive platform that allows each aspect of the log to be captured digitally and shared seamlessly with all departments that need to access the information.

The app will be available as a bolt on to our already class leading EFB providing aircrews and cabin crews with a single platform in which to capture all flight and technical data, reducing inputting times, removing duplication, improving efficiency and above all reducing workloads for both aircrews and other departments involved in the tech log process.

The skybook e-Tech Log will be fully standards compliant and will draw on over 35 years of industry experience, giving operators full confidence in the move away from outdated paper-based tech log processes to future proof digital processes.

Due for launch in 2020, it’s something all operators, need to be looking into sooner rather than later...

The image shows a tablet with e-Tech Log data displayed on the screen
Reporting and Analytics


How can you find efficiencies and drive improvements across airline operations and flight schedules without understanding actual performance across each sector?

We launched our Reporting and Analytics modules in late 2019 in order to give skybook operators access to all of the ‘Big Data’ captured within skybook during each and every flight. We're working hard on further enhancing this module for 2020. Further details will be released later this year.   

skybook can be configured to meet even the most stringent of requirements of each and every operator regardless of the aviation sector they cater for which gives us the ability to create comprehensive data packages using the information captured by aircrews during each flight phase.

The Reporting and Analytics module will be the single point of truth for skybook operators, delivering comprehensive data packages and reports that can be used to aid decision making, to review a wide range of performance based parameters, to help identify emerging problems… Actually, it can be used to review and report against whatever we configure it to do.

We understand the challenges faced by operators across all aviation sectors and that’s why we are engineering yet another solution that takes the strain out of harvesting and reviewing the rich ‘Big Data’ captured throughout skybook.


When our clients started asking if it was possible for them to connect with other skybook users with a view to asking questions, sharing experiences and collaborating on new ideas, we decided it was time to create a platform in order to help facilitate this and that's how the skybook User Forum was formed.

The forum is a series of virtual meetings which will run throughout 2020, it is open to both skybook clients and companies that are interested in working with us.

The skybook forum will bring global operators together throughout the year providing a platform for healthy debate and discussion, giving operators the opportunity to shape our future developments and also giving those involved early access to new skybook products and prototypes before they are officially released.

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skybook is tailored to each operator from the outset and our team of experts handle all of the initial configuration required to implement skybook in the first instance in order to remove as much of the pressure and stress as possible for operators coming on board.

All of this would be for nothing however if skybook wasn’t easy to manage and update ‘in-house’ once live and that’s why we have made each module as user friendly and intuitive as possible creating a platform that is easy to grow and evolve inline with future requirements.

This module allows documentation to be stored against an entire fleet, specific model or specific aircraft. Documents are saved as a PDF in a folder structure which means an electronic version can be uploaded to skybook therefore removing the need to carry paper documentation onto the flight deck.

The aircraft folder is automatically created by pulling data from within the fleet settings tab within skybook.

Coming to this module in 2020, operators will be able to maintain their entire library of documents on the ground and synchronise them to the Electronic Flight Bag app. Crews can view the full company document library via the app, so there’s no need to carry paper documents into the cockpit.

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