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Aviation innovations for 2021 and beyond...

The pace of development and innovation throughout the aviation industry is relentless, but innovation is in our DNA and our aviation development roadmap highlights what is on the horizon for skybook this year and beyond.



The aviation industry operates with zero margin for error making it vital that pilots have access to the most detailed, comprehensive, reliable and current information to ensure they are fully briefed on the sector ahead, to inform decision making and above all, to alert them to potential issues.

skybook Global Mapping is the answer to this constant challenge presenting a whole world of real time information directly at the fingertips of flight crews when they need it most.

Available as part of the skybook Electronic Flight Bag application, the mapping module is an all-new part of the award-winning Digital Briefing that will undoubtedly change the way flight crews brief moving forward.

A combination of detailed weather, icing, turbulence and airfield information, along with the ability to review the impact of what is being displayed by both flight time and flight level will help pilots understand not only what they are facing but also make all important decisions that will improve both on time performance, safety and passenger experience alike.

On the face of it there may be other applications claiming similar functionality but in reality, our data sets, real time availability, class leading customer driven UI and above all, the fact this is all powered by skybook sets our mapping module miles apart from the competition.

For more detail on Interactive Mapping click here… or drop us an email to arrange a call.

The image shows a tablet with skybook global mapping module on screen
Reporting and Analytics


How can you find efficiencies and drive improvements across airline operations and flight schedules without understanding actual performance across each sector?

We launched our Reporting and Analytics modules to give skybook operators access to all the ‘Big Data’ captured within skybook during every flight. We are working hard to further enhance this module throughout 2021.

skybook can be configured to meet even the most stringent of requirements of each operator, regardless of the aviation sector they cater for, which gives us the ability to create comprehensive data packages using the information captured by aircrews during each flight phase.

The Reporting and Analytics module will be the single point of truth for skybook operators, delivering comprehensive data packages and reports that can be used to aid decision making, review a wide range of performance-based parameters, and help identify emerging problems.

We understand the challenges faced by operators across all aviation sectors and that is why we are engineering yet another solution that takes the strain out of harvesting and reviewing the rich ‘Big Data’ captured throughout skybook.


Weather is one of the key impacts on flights that cannot be controlled, so skybook makes sure you are kept up to date with any weather changes or alerts. Later in the year we are looking to enhance our TAF weather alerts to better aid Pilot’s and dispatcher’s awareness of forecast weather issues that might affect a flight.

Further into 2021 skybook TAF alerting module is set to make recognising forecast bad weather at the destined airfield easier than ever with a colour coded system through skybook. If a weather update contains a TAF with bad weather that affects the destination or destination alternated, then a notification will be raised to the pilot.

We recognise the challenges the ever-changing weather can have on your flight schedules and are innovating our software to help you stay ahead of changes. We are looking forward to bringing you more information on this module later in the year.


skybook is tailored to each operator from the outset and our team of experts handle all the initial configuration required to implement skybook in the first instance to remove as much of the pressure and stress as possible for operators coming on board.

However, all of this would be for nothing if skybook was not easy to manage and update ‘in-house’ once live and that is why we have made each module as user friendly and intuitive as possible, creating a platform that is easy to grow and evolve in line with future requirements.

This module allows documentation to be stored against an entire fleet, specific model, or specific aircraft. Documents are saved as a PDF in a folder structure which means an electronic version can be uploaded directly to skybook, therefore removing the need to carry paper documentation onto the flight deck.

Coming to this module in 2021, operators will be able to send documents straight to the skybook app and be able to search, highlight and add comments without amending the original document.

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