Accurate & real-time briefing packs

Our flight briefing packs use accurate and reliable data from EUROCONTROL and the UK MET Office. Ensuring flight crew have up-to-date information required to fly safely and achieve on time performance.

Generated flight briefing for pilots can be viewed online within Sector Briefing, accessed via the skybook EFB as an interactive digital briefing or downloaded as a pdf.

We also offer to ability to share EFF briefing files with 3rd party electronic flight bag applications.

skybook automatically collates and analyses all flight briefing material quickly and intelligently.

Automating flight crew briefing

Instantly switch between skybook Dispatch and Ops Board

Improving efficiency

Removing paper is only the start of improving the pilot’s flight briefing process...

skybook automatically analyses all data, delivering efficient flight briefings and narrow route briefings.

Briefing packs are tailored to each OFP and the route being flown. With a unique filtering system that reduces pack sizes and delivers a streamlined experience.

Our world class dispatch briefing system is accredited by numerous airlines, CAA’s and passed IOSA audits.



Narrow route briefing

Narrow Route Briefings make full use of the advanced filtering options in our flight planning portal that help reduce the pack size significantly.

These are based on the route defined in your flight plans. With detailed METAR, TAF, Airfield, FIR NOTAM, Upper Wind and Temperature Charts, SigWX charts, SIGMETS and route plots including ETOPS and Company Notices.

Created in a matter of seconds, helping skybook stand out from other EFB systems on the market.

Narrow Route Briefings make full use of the unique advanced filtering options in our flight planning portal
The skybook Planning Portal provides global insight for flight operations and dispatch, ground crews, airports and aircrew

Flight Planning Portal

The Flight Planning Portal provides global insights for flight operations and dispatchers.

Powered by the skybook database, aid flight planning and increase awareness for pilots looking to self-brief prior to a flight. Within planning portal you can review:

  • Airfield & FIR NOTAM
  • Satellite Imagery, charts & tracks
  • RAIM Reports
  • Storms & Volcanic Ash


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