By Dan Cook | 11 Dec 2023

skybook 1.38.0 Release Notes

Here is the December 2023 release notes update to skybook version 1.38.0. If you would like to take a closer look at the latest release features and enhancements, you can chat to our team.

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Record Vault

In order to improve user experience, the Record Vault module has moved within the Reporting & Analytics module.

Navigation has been improved and all flight sector data is now consolidated in the one area allowing users a better insight to their flight data.

flight sector data within record vault in reporting & analytics


Once in the Record Vault, you can view the following data via the 4 icon options in the top right:

record vault options

1 - Sector History

In the Sector History page you can select the ellipsis at the end of each sector row, to view the additional options menu:

      • Sector Data - see below for further details.
      • Voyage Report pdf
      • Flight Tracking file

flight sector history data

2 - OFP History

In the OFP History page you can select the ellipsis at the end of each sector row, to view additional options menu:

          • View OFP
          • Download OFP

OFP history data


3 - Download Documents option

This feature allows you to download multiple OFPs by selecting the tick box at the beginning of the required sector.

The Download Documents icon will display the number of documents you have selected and give you the following options when selected:

            • Voyage Report PDF(s)
            • Sector Info CSV

download multiple ofp data within flight sector history

4 - Allow Grid Editing

With Allow Grid Editing selected and the icon remaining blue, when selecting the column ellipsis the drop down menu appears.

In addition to the sort and filter options you can edit your view further:

              • Hide
              • Show columns
              • Pin to left
              • Pin to right

operational flight plan history data filtering and grid editing

EFB data dashboard within Record Vault

The completed flight data is synced from the EFB application to the Ground Portal and is viewable on the new dashboard below within the Record Vault. 

efb flight data report dashboard in the record vault

The following information can be viewed via the top headings on this dashboard within the Sector Data option of the Record Vault.

Sector Summary

                • Status
                • Crew
                • Departure Delays
                • Fuel Comparison


                  • Commanders Report
                  • Delay Reports
                  • Ground Services
                  • De-icing


                    • Pre-journey Log
                    • APU
                    • Fuel
                    • ATIS/ATC
                    • Last Minute Change
                    • EJL Comments
                    • CAT B Airport Declaration
                    • Sign Pre-Flight


                      • ATIS/ATC
                      • Off Blocks
                      • Take off Performance
                      • Loadsheet
                      • APU
                      • RVSM Check
                      • Landing Performance
                      • Actual Cruise FL


                        • ATIS and Clearance
                        • Times
                        • Approach Types
                        • Handling Pilot
                        • Landing/Cycles
                        • Arrival Airport
                        • Fuel
                        • Landing Events
                        • Performance
                        • APU
                        • EJL Comments
                        • Tech Log
                        • Sign off

Nav Log

                          • Enroute notes
                          • Waypoints
                          • RVSM


                            • EFF’s
                            • Documents
                            • Forms
                            • Sector Attachments
                            • Voyage Data

Air Traffic Messages

This page features a table containing any ATC messages.


This page features a table containing saved documentation.

ETOPS/EDTO range rings Settings

Customers are now able to configure ETOPS/EDTO range ring radius if their company flight plans do not contain all of the information required.

The enhancement enables the configuration of ETOPS range ring rule times and distances per fleet and aircraft via the ETOPS range rings Settings>Fleet page. It ensures the rule time included in the plan matches a customer-configured time in the ETOPS range ring settings page and uses the customer-configured distance to draw the range rings on the charts.

The implementation will involve updating the Fleet menu settings to include a new option to open the new ETOPS/EDTO setting.

configure ETOPS/EDTO range ring radius


The ETOPS range ring settings page allows customers to add their preferred rule times and distances when the operator setting is enabled. The system uses these customer-configured settings to draw the range rings on the charts.

 ETOPS range ring settings times and distances


ETOPS Release and Arrival Sheet alternate times

Previously, the Arrival Sheet and ETOPS Planning sheet within Dispatch displayed the same time for all Alternate airfields within +/- 1 hour of the ETA. This has now been changed for each Alternate airfield to display its time based upon arrival time set in the DP002 message.

Aircraft registration mismatch

To provide better situational awareness, this feature highlights occurences of aircraft registration mismatch between schedule changes and an updated OFP to dispatch staff. The mismatch is highlighted on the Dispatch grid and Ops Board.


skybook EFB updates

Customers can now request that fields within the v2 skybook EFB application be customised. Fields can now be renamed or hidden specific to customer requirements. For further information, please speak with your skybook representative.



Fields within the Pre-Flight section that can be either hidden or renamed are as follows:

      • Pre-Journey-Log
      • APU
      • ATIS / ATC
      • Crew
      • Sign Off

Note: The Fuel section cannot be hidden or fields renamed. Only the Fuel module title can be renamed and will also show on the Summary page.


Fields within the In-Flight section that can be either hidden or renamed are as follows:

      • ATIS/ATC
      • Off Blocks
      • Commanders Report

Note: The Title, Date/Time, Phase, Purpose, Categorisation and Period fields cannot be hidden. These fields can be renamed with the exception of Categorisation and Period.

        • Delays
        • Loadsheet/APU
        • Ground Services

Note: The Type and Quantity fields cannot be hidden but can be renamed.

          • Anti-ice

Note: The Ground Type and Area fields cannot be hidden but can be renamed.

            • Cruise Level


Fields within the Post-Flight section that can be either hidden or renamed are as follows:

              • ATIS and Clearance
              • Approach Types
              • Handling Pilot
              • Landing/Cycles
              • Arrival Airport
              • Landing Events
              • APU
              • EJL Comments

Note: The Fuel, Times and Post-Flight Sign-Off section cannot be hidden. The Fuel section and most elements of the Post-Flight Sign-Off section cannot be renamed.

EJL email - Additional information

In order to provide useful information to the sender, the EJL email will contain more additional information.

The following additional details will now be included within the EJL email sent:

    • Departure airfield;
    • Arrival airfield;
    • ATD;
    • Delay details;
    • ATA;
    • EJL disbribution list.

The EJL email subject title has been reworded to the following:

'EJL for Callsign, Reg, Date of flight, STD and Crew Members rank and name'.


Integration updates

Replace current JND NOTAM process

The Jeppesen JND service used to obtain Jeppesen NOTAMs from is being sunset and replaced with the NOTAM Cloud Service (NCS). NOTAMs will continue to be delivered to customers after JND service is stopped as the JND SFTP integration is replaced with NCS API integration.

NPS survey

We have now added a ‘No, thank you’ option when asking users to complete the survey; this will ensure the user is not asked again about completing the survey until another one is released.

ARINC 633 supplement formats

EFFs received into and created by the system will now support ARINC 633 supplement format 3 and 4 standards. ARINC 633 supplement 2 standard will continue to be supported.

You can learn more about skybook or get in touch and we will arrange a demonstration, or read more about the latest Record Vault features.


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