Flight Following

Experience GADSS compliance through skybook Flight Following

Streamline flight operations, track your flights and improve safety by accessing vital sector information, real time flight tracker updates and active aircraft monitoring without the need to leave skybook or access any other third-party systems.

skybook Flight Following is the next generation of flight tracking software, helping operators to achieve compliance with GADSS recommendations via an advanced portal that provides seamless access to all vital flight tracker information.



skybook Flight Following generates a comprehensive route plot extracted directly from each flight plan and uses positioning information taken directly from real time ACARS and/or ADS-B flight tracking updates to monitor each aircraft during the duration of its flight.

Actual flight progress is shown against planned progress on a global display and tracking map that can be easily switched to show all active flights or alternatively, to focus on a single flight.


skybook Flight Following
skybook flight following active alerting


Our system receives aircraft position information directly from each operator, using this information to generate detailed route updates showing actual progress against planned.

Should an aircraft stray off the planned route or fail to provide a position update during a flight, skybook’s real time tracker immediately raises the alarm by creating an alert against the flight, helping to ensure appropriate action is taken right away.

Alerts are displayed prominently within our Flight Following software and are also generated within the skybook Dispatch Portal ensuring that flight operations and dispatch are instantly aware of a potential problem regardless of which skybook module they may be using at the time.



Our automated skybook data feeds ensure that our commercial flight tracking provides far more than just flight progress.

As part of our automated flight following solution, skybook continuously imports and reviews global weather and NOTAM information, comparing this against user settings and minima to identify all emerging issues that could affect flight operations. If a problem is identified an alert is generated ensuring action can be taken.

skybook Airfield Watch
skybook flight following active alerting


We recognise the pressures faced by flight operations teams and the need to find every efficiency possible, whilst complying to GADSS flight tracking guidelines.

We have worked closely with our clients to understand these pressures and have taken them into account during the development of Flight Following.

That’s why our airline tracking software delivers the vital information needed for each and every flight, removing the need to revert to other systems to check something out.


  • Track real time flight progress
  • Active alerting for flights, weather and NOTAM METAR, TAF and NOTAM for all Dep/Dest airports
  • Waypoint details (flight level, fuel and timings)
  • Customisable dashboard allowing users to select and view the data of most importance

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