By Shane Spencer | 13 May 2015

AirTanker are now using skybook aviation software

We are delighted to announce that the skybook aviation software has been adopted by global aerospace leading partnership, AirTanker, for use across their entire fleet of civilian and military registered aircraft.

AirTanker provides an invaluable service to the RAF’s operation with the fleet of Voyager aircraft, and is responsible for everything from aircraft delivery to crew training and dispatch.

AirTanker also provide military capability to other nations. With this in mind, AirTanker approached us seeking a flawless system for delivering critical information to both Flight Ops and Flight Crew in a timely and efficient manner.

Implementing Dispatch & Crew Briefing

skybook has allowed AirTanker to automate all key Flight Dispatch, Crew Briefing, ETOPS and Airfield Monitoring processes based on their flight plans. Saving valuable time for Flight Ops to manage their schedule efficiently and effectively.

As well as enabling Flight Crew to perform simple flight briefings in the knowledge that they will receive up to date and standardised digital briefings to air their flight operations.

AirTanker aviation software skybook

Fast turnaround with no loss of existing data

Getting AirTanker setup with skybook involved lots of configuration such as: adding Admin users, Ops users and Aircraft into the system and integrating flight plans so that briefings could be generated automatically.

We also modified the crew release procedure and to tailored the system to meet AirTanker's requirements.

This was followed by two days of on-site training with AirTanker to ensure all key team members were confident, after which they were all set to go.

AirTanker are now using skybook aviation cloud on a daily basis for their Civilian and Military sectors.

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Are you interested in implementing something similiar for your flight operations and flight crew. Find out more about skybook today and get in touch with our team.


By Shane Spencer | 13 May 2015

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