By Shane Spencer | 06 Apr 2017

Bytron announces new partnership with Jeppesen

A new partnership agreement between global Boeing company Jeppesen and UK based aviation software business Bytron Aviation Systems, will maximise operational efficiency not only for airlines but also business aviation and military aviation operators.

The companies will work closely together, providing a complete crew-briefing and flight dispatch solution – offering Jeppesen dispatch and flight planning data through the skybook software system.

“We’re pleased to team with Jeppesen to expand skybook’s market reach and at the same time improve crew briefings and monitoring solutions delivered to Jeppesen’s global customer base,” said Shane Spencer, Managing Director, Bytron. “Our customer support and training teams will work closely together with Jeppesen’s to deliver a flawless, combined experience to the operators.”

skybook efficiently manages operations within airlines and is available on any internet-enabled devices, running automated updates so airlines have the most up-to-date information, available anywhere and at any time.   

The skybook system provides simple sections of pre-flight information for crews, from which a targeted route briefing is devised. This pre-flight briefing is easily identifiable for, and relevant to, those that need it when they need it.

pre flight briefing charts with skybook 

Simon Clayton, Chief Operating Officer said: “The fact skybook is completely digital removes the need for paper-based flight briefing materials – enhancing overall operational efficiency and being good for the environment.”

skybook is a tried and tested airline software solution that has been established since 1984.

This passion for aviation software has stayed with Bytron over the years as it’s seen the advances in technology and within the aviation industry, in turn growing its knowledge and software offering; now providing a Jeppesen dispatch solution.

You can learn more about skybook.


By Shane Spencer | 06 Apr 2017

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