By Shane Spencer | 28 Feb 2017

Enhancement to our Operational Notices module

skybook is our flagship product providing a complete solution to Flight Dispatch and Crew Briefing through a browser based ground portal and companion tablet application which provide the following modules:

  • Flight Dispatch
  • Flight Briefing
  • Operational Notices
  • Airfield Watcher
  • ETOPS charts
  • Planning Portal
  • Journey Logging

We are always researching ways we can improve skybook further. Recently we've been looking at how notifications are sent out and how these may be distributed via the flight briefing pack and directly to end users via the ground portal. From this, we’ve been able to enhance our Operational Notices module. 

This module can be used for flight crew notices, flight safety notices, flight operations notices, company notams and any other type commonly used by airline operations. The notices can be added easily to flight briefing packs and distributed to individuals using the job roles setup within skybook. Notices can be included in all packs or targeted at specific flight numbers, fleet, aircraft registration, city pairs, POD, POA, City Pair, Airfields and FIRs. Notices will be included in packs until the notice expires or is manually archived. The Notices can be created by a free text editor window along with the ability to upload PDF documents with no file restrictions. 

When a notification is sent to a job role the end users (that are associated to the role) can see these notices in their notice list and acknowledge receipt and understanding. If the author of the notice has requested notification acknowledgement they can chase those users by sending them automatic reminders. For more urgent notices, you can alert the user as they log into skybook and prevent them from going any further until they have accepted and acknowledged the notice. 

Like a lot of the data we capture in skybook, we have reporting facilities for more in-depth analysis. Through the notices dashboard it is easy to see how many notices are sent over a given time period, what type of notice, reminders sent or questions asked.


By Shane Spencer | 28 Feb 2017

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