By Shane Spencer | 28 Feb 2017

Flight safety notices for better awareness

Automatic flight safety notices, streamlines the Flight Dispatch and Crew Briefing experience.

This is achieved using skybook's browser based ground portal and EFB application. Providing an end-to-end solution that efficiently connects flight operations and flight crew.

Let's take a look at the creation of flight safety notices that can be automatically distributed to the pilots flight briefing pack, specific people or job roles in the airline.


Distribute Flight safety notices

Recently we've been looking at how to distribute notifications to flight briefing packs and directly to end users. From this, we’ve been able to enhance our Operational Notices module. 

This module can be used for all types of notices such as: flight safety notices, flight crew notices, company notams and any other type commonly used by airline operations.

Any notices can be added easily to flight briefing packs and distributed to individuals using the job roles setup.

Target specific flight parameters

Notices can be included in all briefing packs or targeted at specific flight numbers, fleet, aircraft registration, city pairs, Airfields and FIRs.

A sudden restricted airspace or no-fly zone has been issued for FIR LGGG in Greece. For extra precaution, you can add a notice to all briefing packs that would normally contain that specific FIR. Everytime a pilot downloads a briefing pack with that FIR, will now automatically receive a warning notification of the restricted airspace. 

A created flight safety notice will be included in EFB briefing packs until it expires or is archived.

Each notice is created using a simple text editor and includes the ability to upload PDF documents.
flight crew notices sent to pilots efb device

Sending to job roles

When a notice is sent to a job role, the specific user can see these notices in skybook. If the author of the notice has requested acknowledgement they can chase those users by sending them automatic reminders. 

Like a lot of the flight data captured in skybook, our Reporting & Analytics module provides in-depth flight analysis.

Through the notices dashboard it is easy to see how many notices are sent over a given time period, what type of notice they are, reminders sent or questions asked.

Streamline your flight operations

skybook Notices module helps to streamline the flight operation process and ensures pilots are efficiently receiving the latest information, digitally via the EFB for full situational awareness of their flights ahead.

If you would like to test sending flight safety notices, or try out all of skybooks features within your airline operations, get in touch today.


By Shane Spencer | 28 Feb 2017

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