By Shane Spencer | 19 Jul 2017

Intelligent ETOPS flight planning requires a different approach

Extended-range Twin-engine Operational Performance Standards – or ETOPS for those in the know, requires a different approach when it comes to flight planning and crew briefing.

Air crew need to understand not only the routes and sectors they are flying but also the ETOPS entry and exit points, ETOPS alternates, Equal Time Points, ETOPS Rule Time and much more.

Save time with automatic ETOPS charts

Preparing this level of detail is very time consuming for dispatchers, who can find themselves looking through multiple systems gathering the required data and manually plotting the relevant charts. Thankfully, we have the answer to this constant challenge and it saves a lot of time.

skybook integrates with existing flight planning systems such as Jeppesen, NavBlue and Lido; automatically generating detailed ETOPS charts by extracting data from each submitted flight plan.

etops charts on efb device

How does ETOPS flight planning charts work?

Using route specific information within the flight plan to import data from other sources including the UK MET Office, EUROCONTROL, NOAA and ICAO SADIS. 

This allows skybook to generate ETOPS route specific charts that include all of the standard ETOPS related items such as range rings and ETPs, but also layers of information such as significant weather and upper wind and temperature.

 etops flight planning charts 

ETOPS flight briefing packs

Our class leading ETOPS briefing packs, deliver all the benefits of skybook’s integration and automations, removing hassle previously experienced by dispatch teams having to manually import the information.

Providing vital ETOPS flight planning information via a single portal, making it available either as a PDF or digitally for pilots to read on the flight deck through our electronic flight bag app, saving time and paper in the process!

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By Shane Spencer | 19 Jul 2017

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