By Dan Cook | 17 Aug 2023

Our pick of 50 top aviation websites

Welcome to our top aviation websites which have been selected in no particular order, to provide you with some resources in the world of flight.

Whether you're an aviation enthusiast, a professional pilot or work in the aviation industry these websites offer insightful information. 

Fasten your seatbelts as we navigate through the skies of the aviation industry with our chosen top aviation websites at your fingertips.

Aviation News

A selection of global aviation news websites focused on commercial aviation, business aviation, defense, general aviation, analysis and insights.

1.  Aviation Week
2.  World of Aviation
3.  Aviation News Online
4.  50 Sky Shades
5.  Airplane Geeks Podcast
6.  Aviation Business News
7.  AIN Online
8.  Aerotime Hub
9.  Airline Geeks
10.  Simple Flying
11. Centre for Aviation 
12.  Airways Mag
13.  Aviation today
14. Aviation Pros
15.  Flight Global
16. Business Jet Traveler 

Aviation Enthusiasts & Photography

Heres a handful of websites that share aviation photography, airline routes, aircraft registrations and plane spotting information that aviation enthusiasts will love. 

17.  Airport Spotting 
18.  Airliners 
19.  Jet Photos
20.  Aviation Photo Digest
21.  Plane Spotters 

Aviation Industry Events

These aviation websites focus on some of the aviation industry events that cover a wide range of topics such as: Flight Operations, Dispatch, MRO, Sustainability, Business Aviation, Airports, Airlines, Experience, Distribution and Retail...

22.  EBACE
23.  Aerospace Tech Week 
24.  Aircraft Commerce 
25.  World Aviation Festival 
26.  Airline Dispatchers Federation 
27.  International Federation of Airline Dispatchers Association 

Aviation Data feeds

Here's a few aviation websites that share data feeds such as weather, flight planning, navigation charts, tracking, NOTAMs and air traffic control.

28.  Windy
29.  Sky Vector
30.  Flight Radar 24
31.  Live ATC
32.  Flight Aware
33.  Aviation Weather

Aircraft sales, owners & general aviation

These few websites cover aircraft owners associations, general aviation and aircraft sales.

35.  Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
36.  Experimental Aircraft Association 
37.  General Aviation News
38.  Global Air 

World Incidents & Safety

Here you can find aviation websites that update on accidents, incidents, safety updates and airline safety ratings.

39.  Aviation Safety
40.  Airline Ratings
41.  Aviation ISAC
42.  The Aviation Herald 

Aviation Authorities, Agencies & Standards

These aviation websites cover official aviation authorities, organisations and multinational aerospace corporations.

43.  Federal Aviation Administration
44.  Eurocontrol
45.  Civil Aviation Authority 
46.  The Boeing Company
47.  Airbus
48.  National Business Aviation Association

Aviation Questions & Knowledge

And finally, these websites provide a useful resource for aviation questions and answers, and a repository of knowledge for the aviation community.

49.  Aviation Stack Exchange
50.  Skybrary

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By Dan Cook | 17 Aug 2023

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