Flight Dispatch

Accept nothing less than the best flight data management.


Effortlessly manage flights within Dispatch

skybook flight dispatch provides an overview of each sector by automatically integrating your flight plans, crew rosters, schedules and much more...

Dispatchers can generate flight briefings and attach extra documents before releasing directly to the pilot's EFB device.

A truly impressive flight data management system:

  • Manage flight schedules and delays
  • Update passenger, cargo and crew
  • Review airport NOTAM, METAR & TAF
  • Weather charts, including ETOPS / EDTO
  • Message pilots last minute updates
Flight Dispatch software to help you manage your daily flight schedules

"The highly configurable solution provides a useful tool for our pilots, as well as for our Flight Operations and Network Control teams"

Paul Smylie,
Senior Manager, Flight Operations

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Electronic Flight Bag Innovation
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Instant live flight status & delays

View all of your live flights and gain awareness of potential delays before they happen!

View the length of the delay, the impact on the scheduled flights and receive real-time alerts when anything changes.

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Flight status updates for quicker decisions

Real-time status updates ensure dispatchers can easily see the latest pre-flight updates transmitted from the pilots EFB.

The Dispatch system enhances productivity and provides informed decision-making with up-to-date information crucial for staying on schedule.

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Instant status updates for quicker decisions
View flight briefings & route weather charts

Release briefings to pilots EFB

Over 12 million flights are released each year using skybook !

Our automatically generated briefing pack contains:

  • METAR, TAF & NOTAM for airports and FIRS
  • Upper Wind & Temperature, SigWX, SIGMET's, route plots, ETOPS and Vertical Profile Charts
  • All applicable Tracks
  • Full flight plan (OFP) available as a PDF
  • Notices targeted to each flight

Flight Briefings

Message the crew last minute updates

Flight schedules constantly change, therefore updates can be communicated directly to the crew, even at the last minute!

Dispatchers can send messages to the electronic flight bag, ensuring the crew are instantly aware of changes and can take appropriate action.

Communicate directly to the pilots

What else is in Flight Dispatch?

Create bespoke sector briefings

Advanced filtering enables dispatchers to create and view route specific briefings.

Showing the flight summary, airport weather & NOTAM data, FIRs, charts and notices.

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Document Attachments

Attachments can easily be added to a flight briefing pack, such as NOTOC, GENDEC, trip itinerary and Loadsheets.

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In depth flight data summary

Access full flight data reports such as fuel comparisons, crew info, ground services, de-icing, arrival sheet data and more.

All flight data is stored within the Record Vault and can be exported.

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Update passenger, crew & cargo info

Make quick updates to various pre-flight information:

  • Additional passengers and upgrades
  • Update crew and deadheading
  • Add or remove any cargo changes

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RAIM report outages

Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) reports are included within the dispatch menu. This brings awareness to any satellite outages for airports along the flight route.

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