By Dan Cook | 26 May 2022

skybook EFB 1.76.4 Release Notes

The May 2022 updates to the skybook EFB is now live, with brand new features and enhancements. Available for new and existing operators, if you would like to know more about the updates get in touch.


Improvements and new form fields have been included within the departure and arrival sections of the pilot journey log on the electronic flight bag. Also improved ways of searching within the crew section. As well as updates to the interface and some of the integrations.


Departure section

Last Minute Change field

A Last Minute Change (LMC) has been added to the Departure module. 

Users can now record LMCs of +/-400kg

The View Loadsheet button allows you to view the loadsheet at anytime. If any new load data is input into the LMC fields and found to be out of tolerance (+-400kg), this will be highlighted in red with the accompanying messsage ‘New Load Sheet Required!


departure last minute change


Fuel form field clarification

The field naming for Actual and Calculated fuel uplift figures within the fuel form has been clarified.

This update clarifies the naming convention for actual and calculated fuel uplift. Both fields were previously titled ‘Uplift’. These fields have been renamed to avoid confusion. 

In addition, once a fuel metric has been selected, the same metric remains throughout the fuel form. For example if US Gallons is selected then this will be the metric used in all fields.

fuel actual uplift form field


RVSM checks

An RVSM Check field has been added to the Departure module via an operator setting. Once this setting has been selected, the check becomes part of the departure procedure and is a mandatory field.

Arrival section

Update to Arrival Events

New fields are available within the Arrival Events section of Arrival:

Cabin Door Open Time
The time metric added into this field will be used for when a flight has deemed to have arrived. This is a mandatory field (EU261 legislation refers). This features a Now button to enable you to select if you are completing the field at the time of event.

Event A and Event B
Additional event fields allow for monitoring new test procedures or collecting performance data of ground handling agents. These are optional fields. They feature a Now button to enable you to select if you are completing the field at the time of event.

Commander’s Notes

This field allowing the commander to add comments and notes about the specific sector. This is an optional field.

Note: It is noted that skybook already includes a Commander’s Report module. The new field within the Arrival Events page has been designed as a free text field to speed up the process of noting events. The Commander’s Report module has a number of mandatory fields and this slowed the process of reporting. To avoid confusion with the field on the Arrival page, the Commander Report page can be hidden.

cabin door open time


Crew section

Crew member search function

This update sees the added feature of searching for crew members by username as well as their name.

This feature has been added to ensure that the correct crew member is selected when there are 2 crew members with the same name. The update is available for all customers using v2 of the EFB application:

      • Users can search for crew members in the search modal by forename, surname, or username.
      • Users will see the username in brackets next to the crew members name in the search modal.
      • Users will see the username in brackets next to the crew members name in the crew listing.


efb crew search username



Multiple OFP format pagination

This release sees an update to ensure that multiple OFP material is formatted correctly when printed.

An update to allow multiple human readable formats of OFP material to be delivered in a PDF format that is clear and paginated as required. The enhancement identifies a specific format of OFP and uses specific regular expressions associated with that format in order to split up the OFP. The textual OFP is formatted into sections and page breaks added at the end of each section. 

For example, you can now start the waypoints section on a new page, meaning that the output is clearer and easier to read.

JSON format changes

Users are now informed of changes made to the JSON format.

Internal procedures have been included to ensure that when planned changes are made to the JSON format the customer is informed. This ensures version control measures are maintained and users are now able to track changes as required.

Unsupported legacy process removal due to Oracle 19 upgrade

Due to a main system database update (Oracle 19), a number of legacy processes have been replaced as they are now unsupported.

AWS will be upgrading the Oracle database to version 19 at the end of July 2022. A test database has been upgraded and compatability issues were identified. The following issues have been addressed before the update can be implemented:

          • Triggers invalid due to deprecated package
          • Package used for decoding METAR is broken and will not compile
          • NRP throwing exception and does not function


In addition, the following items have been tested to ensure the upgrade will not impact operation: 

              • JSI feed
              • EFF ingress feed
              • Schedule and Crew API
              • JSI NOTAM feed (NODE)
              • Aviator EFB API
              • skybook API voyage creation
              • Fuel Plan Scanner both FDB/RRR
              • Ops genie alerts
              • AMOS (NODE)
              • Portal
              • DS-API
              • Legacy stack - Sigmet, TCAC, VACC and NOTAM
              • Database internal


For the most up-to-date updates visit skybook release notes page. Visit out Electronic flight bag page if you would like to learn more about the app.


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