By Dan Cook | 01 Feb 2022

Air Hamburg selects our Airfield Monitoring System

The team at Air Hamburg has chosen Bytron Aviation Systems as their aviation solution, for monitoring their weather and NOTAMs information.

Utilizing our Airfield Watch module as a standalone Airfield Monitoring System, helps them respond to real-time situational changes that may affect their private flights or on-time performance.


airfield monitoring system


Simply personal experience

Air Hamburg is a German private jet, full-service aviation provider with an impressive collection of 44 aircrafts. They arrange luxurious, unforgettable, and personal experiences to their trusted clients.

Providing the airfield monitoring system to Air Hamburg and other private airlines is recognized as essential for their flight operations, giving them instant situation awareness of any potential weather or NOTAM issues ahead of the destination airfields.

More importantly, this helps to ensure their customers from all over the world can enjoy a stress-free journey.


Airfield Data for flight operations

The Airfield Watch module provides flight operators and dispatchers with a prominent overview of the current and projected situation based on data from The Met Office, NOAA & EUROCONTROL. With an eye-catching display, it is ideally positioned on a large screen monitor within the flight operations department. 

weather and notam monitoring


By opting for airfield monitoring this will help Air Hamburg with:

      • Quicker decision making within flight operations

      • Situation awareness of all relevant Airfields & Aerodromes

      • Airfield issue notices based on aerodrome operating minima

      • Full access to an aerodrome’s META, TAF, SNOWTAM & NOTAM

Using the airfield monitoring system is very easy and automatically groups all the departure flights, destination, and alternate routes collated from the operational flight plans received.


Learn more about our Airfield Monitoring System

Are you a private airline, commercial, charter or cargo, interested in implementing a better situational awareness of the airfields your aircrafts fly to? If that’s the case, then let’s chat about Airfield Watch.

You may also be interested in our flight tracking software which is also very useful for any flight operations team.

Arrange a demo now to see Airfield Watch in action or our full skybook software package. Alternatively, email and find out how we can help make your airline operations more efficient and effective.


By Dan Cook | 01 Feb 2022

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