By | 14 Jun 2019

AKKA Technologies partner with Bytron

AKKA Technologies are renowned for their technical know-how. They are a cutting-edge company providing innovative state of the art solutions and services to a wide range of industries across the globe. They are also a client of ours using skybook to aid the delivery of the flight dispatch services.

>skybook was the first choice for AKKA after a stringent evaluation process helped not only prove the benefits of skybook over other solutions but also demonstrated how our flexibility, 'client first' approach and ability to configure skybook to meet the needs of each operator made us the perfect delivery partner.

The AKKA Flight Operations Support team are able to provide a comprehensive range of services to aid the efficient and effective delivery of daily flight schedules and skybook is already a vital member of the team, helping to deliver vast improvements over current systems and processes for the operators AKKA are working with.



Shane Spencer, Bytron Aviation Systems Managing Director said: "This was a project that excited us from the outset, and we were really pleased when skybook was chosen to provide flight dispatch, crew briefing and Electronic Flight Bag services for the AKKA team.

"The team at AKKA are working hard to deliver a range of services that could help operators save time and money through more efficient and effective flight planning, dispatch and crew briefing processes and this is where skybook comes in.

"We're also really pleased to welcome Aigle Azur to the skybook family as they are the first operator to have gone live with the AKKA team.

"AKKA Technologies are very much a company that shares a lot of our core values and we are looking forward to a lengthy relationship that helps further the reach of our skybook range."

Ablaye Mbaye, Head of OCC for AKKA Technologies said: "skybook has already made a big difference, we have developed a great partnership with Bytron and the best part was that we could completely trust in them and their team very quickly.

"Evaluating skybook against other solutions provided clear evidence to have skybook running in our OCC and we have immediately seen the benefits. skybook is just amazing and so user friendly providing our team with a very effective way to meet our customer needs."

For more information on the skybook range and how it can help deliver savings, efficiencies and improvements across your daily flight schedule arrange your introduction and free trial, simply email us via or fill out a contact form.

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By | 14 Jun 2019

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