By Charlotte | 03 Nov 2023

Inside Bytron: An Interview with Raman Sailopal

Raman joined our team in June as our DevOps Engineer and has already received our Pay It Forward recognition award for being a true champion of our values. We were keen to gain insight into Raman's role within the company and how he is finding being a part of the aviation world.


What are your specific responsibilities as a DevOps Engineer in the aviation industry?

My role involves supporting the processes involved in delivering good quality software to our customers. Not only do we want to deliver software changes/improvements quickly, but we must also ensure that the changes are of optimal quality in terms of performance and security.

My role therefore involves supporting the tools and processes involved in making this happen.  I therefore get involved in such things as AWS cloud provisioning, CI/CD pipelines, system monitoring and security.


Did you have any aviation experience prior to joining the company?

No. Like so many, I found something 'exciting' about the aviation industry and so when the opportunity arose to work in the industry, I 'jumped' at the chance as it got me one step closer to being Tom Cruise in Top Gun!


What is it like being a DevOps Engineer in the aviation industry?

The industry is a 'fast moving' one with continuously changing customer requirements and enhancements. This in turn leads to continuous software development and release cycles. This makes DevOps processes more prevalent and important.


What is the most exciting project/ticket you’ve worked on?

I’ve been assessing security processes and looking at ways to increasingly protect our systems, software and customers from any risks that exist not only now but going forward into the future.


Do you have a greater understanding of the aviation industry since joining the company?

Yes, part of the challenge in any new role is to relate to the industry you operate in. This helps to better understand the product you are providing and the customers you serve. My experience so far has allowed me to get a better understand of the challenges faced in the industry and how our software helps overcome such challenges.


What is your preferred programming language and why?

I’ve had experience with a few programming languages to differing extents over the years and held a variety of different roles. Given that Python is useful across so many roles in the IT industry, I would say that it is my favourite one.


How did you get into DevOps?

During my career, through chance, I found that I was working a lot with UNIX based platforms. The power and resilience of such platforms led me to develop a passion for Linux and open source. DevOps gives me that chance to work with both, as well as bringing together previous experiences I have had in support, software, and system development.


What advice would you give someone starting their journey as a DevOps Engineer?

Never convince yourself that you know something completely, as DevOps involves a lot of different technologies that are constantly changing. Be willing to continuously develop alongside the software you help deliver.


How do you keep up-to-date with newest practises in your career, do you use any web forums?

The 'Internet age' we live in means that there is a plethora of information available. I personally find that LinkedIn gives you a good starting point with regards to discovering and investigating the latest 'trends' in the industry.


Would you like to join our team?

Check out our current career opportunities by visiting our careers page and why not learn more about what software we create here... Bytron Aviation Systems.


By Charlotte | 03 Nov 2023

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