By Dan Cook | 08 Nov 2023

Celebrating Success: Aviation Award Winners for 2023

We are thrilled to announce that we have been honoured with the prestigious ‘Aviation Software Project of the Year 2023’ award at the Blue Sky Awards!

Celebrating excellence in aviation technology, this achievement is a testament to our dedication to improving the aviation industry through our cutting-edge software solution skybook.

The Blue Sky Aviation Awards is known for recognizing exceptional contributions to the aviation sector and have bestowed upon us this fantastic accomplishment.

This aviation award is a recognition of our unwavering commitment to transforming aviation operations and enhancing safety and efficiency in the skies.

bluesky aviation awards

Why we were chosen for the aviation awards 

One contribution which played a pivotal role in clinching this prestigious aviation award, is our ground breaking aviation fuel analysis dashboard.

This innovative module within skybook is revolutionizing the way our airline customers manage and optimize their fuel consumption by extracting fuel data directly from the pilots electronic flight bag, and sending it to the ground Reporting & Analytics system.

Fuel accounts for a significant portion of an airline's operating costs, and our skybook aviation software empowers airlines to analyze, monitor, and streamline their fuel consumption effectively.

Some benefits of the fuel analytics

Aviation fuel analysis provides real-time data and actionable insights that enable airlines to:

      1. Optimize Fuel Efficiency: Airlines can analyze and identify opportunities for fuel savings, helping them reduce costs and minimize their environmental footprint.
      1. Enhance Flight Planning: Pilots and dispatchers can access detailed fuel analytics to make informed decisions during flight planning, considering factors like weather, route optimization, and weight and balance. 
      1. Improve Sustainability: By reducing fuel consumption, airlines can significantly contribute to environmental sustainability, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the overall carbon footprint. 

Making a difference to airlines

Receiving this Aviation award is a testament to our commitment to innovation, excellence, and our relentless pursuit of advancing aviation technology.

We believe that our flight ops Ground System & pilots EFB solution are not only making a difference in the aviation industry but also setting new standards for software excellence.

This achievement wouldn't have been possible without our dedicated team, the trust of our partners, and the support of our clients. We are excited to continue developing skybook to help shape future efficiencies of airline operations.

bytron aviation systems team photo 2023 at the deep business park in Hull

As we proudly accept this aviation award, we recommit ourselves to our mission of streamlining flight operations, improving safety, and reducing environmental impact.

We look forward to new achievements, greater milestones and potentially winning other aviation awards in the future!


By Dan Cook | 08 Nov 2023

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