By | 05 Oct 2017

Azores Airlines take on skybook

It's great to see skybook making the headlines on a global scale after Azores Airlines become the latest operator to take on our crew briefing and dispatch modules.

Azores have signed a 5-year deal through Jeppesen's investing in the technology needed to ultimately eliminate paper based material, increase operational efficiency and reduce costs and Bytron Aviation Systems are excited to be playing a key role in helping achieve this.

The skybook flight planning and operations software can deliver the operational changes required to achieve a paperless briefing process, improving efficiency and accountability, reducing costs and delivering a far more effective briefing and dispatch environment.

Here's how we do it: flight operations software portal

Read all about how skybook crew briefing and flight dispatch monitoring system has complimented the Jeppesen offering combined with their EFB platform:

RRT News - Jeppesen reaches 5 year service deal with Azores airlines


By | 05 Oct 2017

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