By Dan Cook | 06 Jun 2024

The Legend of Aviation: A skybook Adventure

As part of the Aircraft Commerce Amsterdam aviation conference in June 2024, we presented our storytelling marketing campaign. If you couldn't attend or would like to see it again, here is the full story to read below or to watch as a video...

After a one hundred year slumber, our Hero wakes up alone in a world he no longer remembers.pilot wakes up

Unbeknownst to him, the fate of the world is in his hands, to defeat a great evil controlling the skies, with tonnes of paper, manual data and poorly integrated systems.evil aviation skies of paper

Our hero discovers an old aircraft with a mysterious tablet inside, with a glowing blue centre that reads ‘skybook aviation cloud’. He doesn’t recall anything like it before, yet there’s something familiar about it…
pilot finds skybook efb tablet device

The tablet features interactive planned route charts with weather and environment layers…
efb weather charts

Airport data & advanced filtered NOTAMs
notams on efb app

And a streamlined flight phase input, that is customisable. He decided to trial the skybook application and proceed on his journey.
phase of flight data on skybook efb

Shortly after, our hero is greeted by the Sky Spirit who enlightens him that he is in fact a pilot! And that he must free the Flight Champions to help defeat the great evil of the skies.
pilot is visited by the sky spirit

With this knowledge, our Pilot hero sets off alone in the aircraft and with his new trusty EFB tablet
pilot holding skybook efb device

Travelling to the far corners of the world, overcoming adverse weather conditions, congestions and tricky regulation requirements, to search for his team of Flight Champions.
aircraft flying through paper and hazardous weather conditions

On his journey, he discovers new features on the skybook EFB that help streamline his flight briefing further.
pilot has a look at efb features while resting

With a digital library of all his collected flight documents and artifacts…
digital flight manuals on skybook efb

A last minute change calculator, for quick and accurate calculations of aircraft load
last minute changes on skybook efb

and bespoke digital forms tailored to his operations.
efb digital forms for pilot of access

He eventually frees the first champion of the ground, called the Dispatcher. Who has been struggling with too many separate systems, leaving the Dispatcher overwhelmed and inefficient.
flight dispatcher frustrations

With that… suddenly the Dispatchers monitor glows blue and skybook appears on screen.
skybook on flight dispatchers screen

Instantly solving the dispatchers problems. With a fully integrated flight dispatch system for managing all of her flights.
skybook flight dispatch system on dispatchers screen

Providing the ability to automatically compile and send full briefing packs to the Pilot’s tablet, and attach any last minute files or notices if needed.
automatic flight briefing on dispatchers screen

And providing much needed Flight Watch and tracking support for our Pilots journey.
flight watch and flight tracking system on dispatchers screen

Next he frees the second champion known as the EFB manager, who also has an application just like the Pilot, but this one didn’t look as pleasing to the eye... The EFB manager was having a hard time fighting too many bugs, having lots of stability issues and was lacking in any support.
efb manager frustrated

All of a sudden, the EFB managers tablet glows blue and skybook appears on screen…
efb manager skybook on ipad tablet

The EFB manager could now see bugs being defeated, a live uptime status with a guaranteed 99.95%, and a 24/7 support service. He also now received regular communication, to be able to provide training and new updates for the pilot.
efb manager happy with skybook efb solution

Lastly he frees the final champion on his journey called the Chief Financial Officer. Who has been battling with inaccurate and lost information due to lots of manual processing, which is hindering the CFOs reporting.
chief financial officer with manual flight reports and data

Again, just like magic… the CFO’s computer screen glows blue. She can now see post-flight data analysis instantly received direct from the Pilots tablet. Reports that compare on time performance, delay codes…
cfo flight analysis data

Aircraft fuel usage and route performance
aircraft fuel analysis data

And up to 5 years worth of stored flight history data. Everything automatically captured and easily shared.
instant post flight data from the efb

After freeing his team members, a whole host of other flight operation and flight crew champions are also released from the great evils spell. Providing much needed flight support.
airline flight operations team

With all this integrated data from skybook now in the hands of our hero and his team of champions. The great evil was defeated, and the skies were restored back to normal, with no more paper or inaccurate data.
flight crew are happy with new skybook efb

At the end of the quest, Pilot and his team discover an ancient mural engraved with the word Roadmap, that depicts the near future. With words such as A.I.D, cabin crew, weight & balance and much more.
ancient mural with skybook roadmap showing w&b, AID, cabin crew and more

The Legend of Aviation concludes with an invite to our website to see how skybook can better connect the workflow for your team of champions. 
take a further look at skybook on


What did you think to the story? Let me know your thoughts by getting in touch today!


By Dan Cook | 06 Jun 2024

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