Long-term flight data storage

NOTAM Watch helps you manage NOTAMs

Legislation dictates airlines must keep flight records for 90-days after the plane has reached its destination. Keeping airline compliance and the need to audit means there is a need for flight data storage of this information for an extended period.

The skybook Record Vault module stores all briefing packages for a period of up to a decade. Data including flight plans, weather and NOTAM information for each flight is automatically received and stored securely once a journey has been closed. Records can then be easily retrieved and saved locally or sent to third parties if needed.

The flight data storage of all planned and actual flights helps give valuable and measurable performance insights, improving operation efficiency.

NOTAM Watch helps you manage NOTAMs
Access stored flight data for effective airline analytics

Access stored flight data for effective airline analytics

The powerful Reporting and Analytics module makes direct use of the flight data stored within the skybook Record Vault.

This gives airline departments the ability to easily evaluate and share key flight data analysis, to further improve the overall performance of an airline. Analyse historical electronic flight bag briefing data provided by the pilots, such as on-time performance and fuel usage.

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